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Celebrating Great Email Design


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On the eve of the launch of The SaleCycle 7, celebrating the best in remarketing design, we asked Ade from SaleCycle’s EMEA design team to take us through his three favorite email designs of 2014 and tell us what made them special!
2014 was a productive and exciting year for the SaleCycle design team. We yet again had the opportunity to work with some mindblowing-ly awesome brands and doubled in size; developing design teams in both our Singaporean and American offices… the end of year design party was a truly multi-continental affair!
Picking just three from the hundreds of visuals and builds I’ve been involved with in the last 12 months was a pretty tough ask, but here goes (Click the previews for the full creative!):

1 StubHub

top3 - mid - stubhub
The StubHub email design felt right the second I saved it as a JPEG. Luckily StubHub themselves loved the design too and signed off the creative in record time.
An important part of modern email design is not just creating a visually pleasing mobile designs, but also providing the same information on both platforms. Even on mobile, everything you need to know about your event is there for you, on your phone!

2 Zagliani

top3 - mid - zagalini
Working with such a well-respected brand as Zagliani was a real privilege. I made extra care to produce something that not only brought through the brand’s elegance, but also was as unique and eye-catching as their bags.
I like this design for its ability to pull a large, high-resolution image, really allowing their high-quality products to shine through.

3 Hypebeast

top3 - mid - hypebeast
Being an avid fan of Hypebeast, it was extra awesome having them as a client.
This design came to me instantly; I knew they would want something bold, yet minimalist and decided to go for an extra large image that instantly catches the readers attention immediately. The line ‘You Dropped Something…’ just seems to tie the email together perfectly.

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