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[eBook]: The Cart Abandonment Email Playbook

[eBook]: The Cart Abandonment Email Playbook


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In this brand new eBook Marketing Manager, Jack Ford, looks at how you can transform cart abandonment emails into the superstars of your digital marketing efforts.
I don’t need to tell you that cart abandonment causes online retailers to miss out on a lot of revenue. But did you know online shoppers will leave behind products worth $4 trillion every year?
It’s a problem that affects retailers across all industries, but the rate of abandonment does vary as our research shows.

Based on actual abandonment survey data from SaleCycle clients we’ve been able to identify the five most common reasons for shoppers failing to complete their order:

So what can you do about it?

A widely used and effective tactic for brands is cart abandonment email campaigns. These emails reconnect shoppers with the items they left behind and encourage them to return and complete the purchase. A great example of a simple yet effective solution to the problem.
However much like any other marketing campaign, not all cart abandonment emails are created equal.

“Ummm guys I don’t think that phone is floating…”

So here’s three tactics to make sure your cart abandonment emails don’t sink without a trace. If you like these and want even more check out our brand new eBook “The Cart Abandonment Email Playbook”. It’s packed full of tips from brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Reebok and IKEA to help turn your cart abandonment emails into conversion superstars.

1 Live Email Content

As with any successful marketing campaign, ensuring your cart abandonment emails are relevant is essential. Step forward dynamic or “live”content.
By working with the latest email marketing technology, your emails can dynamically change at the very moment a customer opens them.

  • Instantly combine context and data to show your customers live pricing.
  • Display up-to-date consumer trend information such as product popularity or stock levels.
  • Change the visuals and information based on where in the world the shopper is.
  • Update the information and design depending on the device they are using.
  • Use up-to-the second results to make sure you are using the highest converting images.

2 Don’t Stop at One Email

One of the key tactics to get the most out of your cart abandonment email campaigns is to send more than one automated reminder to your customers.
Wisteria, a US home furnishing retailer, has implemented a second and third cart abandonment email and has seen an additional 47% lift in recovered revenue.
Adapting your messaging for each cycle will ensure you get the biggest win from this play.

  • 1st cycle: Focus on the items they have left behind.
  • 2nd cycle: Add product recommendations and/or a sense of urgency to increase order values and conversions.
  • 3rd cycle: Include customer reviews and ratings or an abandonment survey to help improve your checkout process.

3 Deliver a Unique Experience for Mobile

With more than half of all emails being opened on mobile the need for responsive design just keeps on growing. Yet only a minority of marketers make use of responsive design in their emails. What is this madness?
There’s no need to stop at just the design. The language of the email can be a game changer too. Dynamically swapping the calls to action for “tap” and “swipe” for mobile users helps make their journey feel more personal, which will only help with conversions.
A recent innovation used by fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing is the “Sticky Call To Action”. It’s a neat little call to action icon that will sit at the bottom-right of your shoppers’ mobile screens when they open a cart abandonment email. The beauty is that it will remain visible as they scroll through the email, meaning it’s easier than ever for your shoppers to convert.

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