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Eight of the Most Useful Tools for B2B Marketers

Eight of the Most Useful Tools for B2B Marketers


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SaleCycle’s marketing team have selected some of the must-have tools they use on a daily basis…

Google Analytics

“I find Google Analytics essential for measurement of content marketing performance. It isn’t the only way to measure content performance, but for traffic and engagement metrics, it’s essential.

One obvious thing is to measure is traffic in terms of sessions and page views, but it can often be more revealing to look at metrics which reveal how visitors engage with content.
For example, we track the number of visits where people have read more than three articles, which tells us how useful our content is and how effectively we can cross-promote.” Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief


“Trello is the best project management tool in the world, fact! You organise your projects in a simple and logical format, using a drag and drop function. I use columns to organise my projects, using titles such as current workload, on hold, ideas in the pipeline and delivered videos.
Trello allows you to use checklists within each project to help you keep track at every stage, and create pre planned lists, that you can then tick off with enormous satisfaction. You can share all of your projects with your team to allow great collaboration or management tracking.

Trello also allows for fantastic integration with other marketing tools like Wistia, allowing you to view all of your videos stats without leaving the app. And the best bit? It’s 100% FREE!!” Chris Gascoigne, Video Marketing Manager


“One of my favourite finds has been the online graphic design tool Canva. It is so simple. Almost annoyingly so, having paid my way through four years of design school!
Canva gives anyone the ability to create great looking designs, fast, with no skills or software knowledge needed. Just choose a template from the ever expanding library, and use the drag and drop functionality to build your design.

The teams feature is super handy for companies. Teams can be created and given access to different templates so any changes made to these are available immediately. This gives you control over the look and content of documents, without relying on people to download the latest versions. With them all housed in one place, they’re easy to access on demand. Now there are no excuses for bad looking documents!” Katie Ash, Product Marketing Manager.


“It gets to the evening and the latest box set is on and I, on auto-pilot, start scrolling through Twitter (mainly). Or I’m delaying getting out of bed for the dash to the shower and again I’m reading through LinkedIn and Twitter.
These are always the times I stumble across the most interesting, have-to-read articles that will change the way I work or the way we do our marketing, but time, concentration and screen space are limited.

Step forward Pocket. This “save for later” app (and browser add-on) let’s me quickly save these articles to read later. This could be on a totally different device and, any commuters out there listen up, you can even read the articles without an internet connection. Very handy indeed.” Jack Ford, Head of Marketing.

Noun Project

“Noun project saves me so much time! It’s my go to place when looking for icons and I never need to look any further. Simply search what you want or even a word related to the subject your working on, and there you go, pages full of icons in different styles to suit which ever brand you’re working for.

Noun project also got even easier for me recently, as you can now integrate it with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, so I don’t even have to exit photoshop when searching for icons. It’s also available to be used with Sketch, Figma, Keynote, Powerpoint, OmniGraffle and Google Suit Apps.”
Taylor Ottaway, Web Marketing Assitant


“Here’s a secret. Despite boasting an English Degree on my CV, grammar has never really been my strong point. Luckily this tool has saved my blushes on many occasions, from rogue apostrophes to horrific spelling mistakes.

Whether I’m writing a blog, some copy for the website or even just a standard email, grammarly works in the background and pops up to highlight any errors when I’m typing away. It’s literally like carrying around my own personal editor. It has got me to where I am today so I couldn’t recommend it more.” Nic Weschenfelder, Marketing Executive.


“Of course, as I am in charge of the content, my role wouldn’t exist if WordPress was not. I have been using WordPress for three years now and, except its quite old-fashion design background, I have to admit it is easy to use.

Also, you don’t need to know about HTML to manage your website as a visual view is available.” Amelie Combe, Content Marketing Executive


“Buffer is a tool I use in my role every day and it saves a lot of time!

Instead of having to manually put posts out on social throughout the day, I do my research, schedule when I want them to be posted and Buffer does the work for me, meaning I can get on with the rest of my work.” Lauren Stirling, Marketing Assistant


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Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is Editor in Chief at SaleCycle. He's been covering ecommerce and digital marketing for more than a decade, having previously written reports and articles for Econsultancy. ClickZ, Search Engine Watch and more.