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Feature Focus – Countdown Timers


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Adding a little urgency to your emails can have a positive impact on conversion rates. Countdown Timers allow eCommerce businesses to show a countdown to sales starting or offers ending. This can also reduce basket abandonment, leading to increased sales.

What is a Countdown Timer?

A SaleCycle Countdown Timer is an active countdown clock which is set to expire at a given time stipulated by our clients. This can be used for a wide range of emails including sales starting, stores opening and exclusive offer expiry.

When should they be used?

Countdown Timers are used best to add urgency to a message. A prime example would be Black Friday sales, creating an emphasis on getting the best deals possible before the end of the day.

Add Countdown Timers to Your Campaigns.

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Do Countdown Timers increase conversion?

The short answer is yes, but they shouldn’t be overused. When implemented tactically to compliment an email strategy, Countdown Timers can see an increase in click-through rate of up to 30%.

Ben Lax