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Four Customer Retention Strategies for Health and Fitness Websites

Four Customer Retention Strategies for Health and Fitness Websites


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In this blog, we’ll look at customer retention strategies for health and fitness websites.
We’ve all done it, enjoyed the Holiday season a bit too much, so you promise yourself that ‘New Year, New You’ resolution and that you’ll join the gym, buy that gym equipment and get fit.
January is a booming time for the Health and Fitness Industry for that exact reason.
Shoppers want to start the new year with a bang and make that significant change (even if they don’t quite stick to it).
Google Trends show that each January, from 2015-2018 show substantial spikes in searches for gym memberships. According to the Fitness Industry Association 12% of gym members sign up in January.

According to Statisca, in the UK 1 in every 7 people are members of a gym which equates to around 9.7 million fitness members with a market value of just under £5 billion. And in 2017, U.S. fitness centers had a total membership of 60.87 million.
But it’s not just gym memberships that go through the roof, you’ve probably heard of a brand called Fitbit. A handy wearable device that does a variety of things, from tracking your sleep cycle to counting your steps.
Since 2010, the company Fitbit has sold almost 76 million devices worldwide. This figure is expected to increase to 105 million in 2022.
By looking at Google Trends, it looks like the ‘New Year, New You’ revolution starts a bit early when it comes to fitness wearables. Searches for Fitbit spike in December time, people are possibly buying ahead for the Christmas period.

The health and fitness industry looks like it’s going to keep growing promisingly year on year. But even with the number of gym memberships going up, many people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions and have stopped or even quit the gym after 24 weeks.

So here’s a few tips to keep them coming back…

Appeal to Their Shy Side

A lot of people are put off going to a gym because they don’t know what they’re doing! A study by Sport England found that 75% of women are put off exercise for fear of what others think.
So offer them a complimentary one to one, email them a workout idea, show average quiet times at the gym or suggest a class for beginners.

Give Them What They Want… an App!

Convenience is the key, and normally we have our phones glued to our side. So offer your users an app.
A study found that health and fitness app usage grew 330% in the three years after 2014, while studio and fitness content apps grew by more than 830%.

So, if you offer a certain exercise routine make that available, offer them tips, send them notifications to encourage them to go to the gym or even offer an online booking system for fitness classes.
Plus if a gym newbie is a bit shy, an app maybe a subtle way to encourage them to continue on their fitness journey.

Encourage Them to Come Back

The hard part is encouraging shoppers to take the next step to complete a purchase, such as buying a gym membership or a fitness wearable. These can be quite a costly purchase.
So offer promotions such as a no joining fee, a personalized training routine, joining deadline to receive a free product such as a water bottle or free shipping. Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

Reconnect with Online Abandoners

Joining a gym can be quite daunting, help them finish what they started with Form Abandonment Recovery. They may get part way through signing up and get distracted, so send them a copy of where they got up to, to finish at a later time.
Send a cart abandonment email or SMS, 75% of shoppers who add something to their basket will abandon! So use cart abandonment recovery to remind them what they left behind.

Keep connected and encourage your new gym members and they may make it over that 24 week mark.


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