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Google Mobile Search vs On-Site Messaging


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Product Manager Lisa takes on Google latest update and show how SaleCycle is still ahead of the game!
Google have again validated the role On-Site Remarketing plays in enhancing visitors’ experiences and journeys.
In its webmaster blog, they highlighted that use of On-Site Remarketing messages in the wrong way, will in future be to the detriment of brands when it comes to mobile search results.

The Search Engine behemoth inadvertently created a set of guidelines for On-Site Remarketing design on a mobile device, and the great news is all On-Site Remarketing providers can take advantage of this really useful framework.
Using the Google Mobile Friendliness tool we checked out how On-Site Remarketing would affect results on behalf of a number of SaleCycle clients. And the good news is that the results are excellent, using On-Site Remarketing to achieve online objectives around conversion or acquisition doesn’t impact indexing for mobile search results.
The guidance given by Google is to make sure that ‘Banners (that) use a reasonable amount of screen space and are easily dismissible’.

It’s worth noting that the guidance Google gives is great when looking to design On-Site Remarketing messages and the fact that this is in reference to pages indexed by search engines they recognise that On-Site Remarketing really does have a place in checkouts and funnels to influence the behaviour of abandoning visitors.
Using it elsewhere in a website requires guile and an understanding of multi device journeys as well as the growth in mCommerce an aspect we pride ourselves in here at SaleCycle.


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