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I Got 9(9) Problems but Remarketing Ain't One


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Marketing Assistant Nic, takes a stab at some of the most common problems our clients had before they came to SaleCycle! They got 9(9) problems, but he wants to show you how Remarketing won’t be one!
99 problems… a bit excessive, no? But that’s what it can feel like when your customers aren’t converting on your site. However, to make it a little less overwhelming we’ve cut it down to 9 common problems some of our clients had before they came to SaleCycle for some awesome behavioral marketing solutions.

1 ‘Our recent campaign is not hitting the sales we anticipated.’

It’s always disheartening when your campaign doesn’t hit the targets you expected. So when looking for a bit of added assistance, it’s crucial to find an organization that understands your objectives. After you’ve driven customers to your site, influencing what they do on your site is very important. Every remarketing campaign should be specifically designed to hit your objectives with fully integrated designs geared up to ensure customers reach that all important purchase button. After all, they did come to your site for a reason.

2 ‘Our emails have a frustratingly low open rate.’

It might be the most beautiful email in the world but without a kickass subject line, it won’t prosper like it should. Great subject lines are key to actually getting your beautiful emails viewed.
With over 1 billion abandonments we’ve mastered a thing or two about a perfect subject line. So here’s a tip, combine your company name with the product details and you’ll be on your way to over a 50% open rate.
[one_half_last]Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 14.35.02[/one_half_last]

3 ‘Our limited CRM database is having a big impact on our email campaigns.’

To get your database up to speed, On-Site Remarketing (OSR) campaigns are a game changer! For example, by offering customers who appear to be lost or close to exiting, a handy email reminder of their cart will help grow your database immensely! For the best boost, On-Site remarketing campaigns should be beautifully designed and give the customer a clear benefit.

Beautiful Designs – the more eye-catching the On-Site Remarketing campaigns are, the more likely customers are to engage.
Offer Clear Benefits – customers don’t just sign up for the sake of it, whether it be 10% off their first order or free delivery. Offer benefits to them and your database will be more populated than ever.

4 ‘Our current set of On-Site Remarketing campaigns do not bring the email sign-ups we originally targeted.’

Having an On-Site Remarketing pop up as the customer enters a site just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to be more developed in understanding your customers and their behaviors. In using Behavioral marketing, On-Site messages are intelligently displayed based on how your customers interact with your site. Firing On-Site Remarketing campaigns in the right place, at the right time with the right message plays a crucial role in acquiring those email addresses you want to have. Oakley took this approach and boosted the number of sign-ups by 66%.

5 ‘Why are my customers abandoning so frequently on the website?’

Well here’s an idea, ask them. Surveys are an awesome way to get to the root of why customers are abandoning their carts. So you no longer have to keep guessing once your customers are actually given the opportunity to express themselves! 86% of customers say they would actually pay more for a better customer experience. So it’s actually in your favor to hear your customers out and improve it!
Finding out what’s working and what’s not is great for improving the customer journey and reducing abandonment. Check out the BHS story to see how surveys helped them.

6 ‘Over half of our customers are abandoning on the payment page.’

Customers at the payment page are the hottest prospects. However, we all get cold feet from time to time. Sometimes customers just need an extra push over that purchasing line.
In these scenarios using an On-Site Remarketing message to direct customers to your online chat or customer service team is a great way to make sure these sales can be easily retrieved. All in all, offer reassurance at that vital moment and just watch those bills role in.

7 ‘The AOV has decreased over-time on our site.’

Customers won’t purchase more if they don’t have to, but throw in an added incentive and it’s a different ball-game. They now have a little bit of motivation!
Take a look at Matalan’s dynamically populated On-Site Remarketing message, which alerts customers in how much spending is required to qualify for that awesome ‘free delivery’.[/one_half]


8 ‘The click-through rate from my emails is way below par!’

The best email campaigns feed off of cues from where the customer is in their journey. Sending responsive emails that are filtered, relevant and timely. Remember, customers like to feel special and you can achieve that through segmentation!
Take a look at BT’s Email Remarketing (EMR) where Heidi didn’t quite make the upgrade. Having picked up on this information, BT sent out this responsive email 1-hour post-abandonment while her interest was at its strongest. The email has been perfectly personalized based on Heidi’s browser interests and acts as a nice little reminder for her to pick up right where she left off. For more clicks, segmentation is the way to go.
[one_half_last]BT EMR without line[/one_half_last]

9 ‘I want a seamless mobile experience for our customers to use.’

We get it! The future of mobile is here! BI Intelligence, reports that by 2020 the mobile world will make up 45% of total e-commerce! SMS Remarketing solutions make it super simple for customers to return to their basket and complete their purchase wherever they are, no matter whatever they’re doing. It’s effortless and fits into the busy lifestyles we all live. The thought of missing out on almost 50% of business makes us squirm, so we’ve got mobile covered.
(Author of header image: Mikael Mika Väisänen)

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