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[Infographic] Our Favorite Split Test Ideas

[Infographic] Our Favorite Split Test Ideas


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SaleCycle designer Andrew Koch presents five email split testing tips to help you boost your opens, clicks and conversions.

1 Start with the Basics

I’m back to talk through some of our favorite split test ideas that will give you a great starting point on your journey.
The ideas covered in the infographic are what we like to run first since they can be applied to every type of customer. Once we have exhausted those tests we drill down and test specific elements that are unique to the company, market, or target audience.

2 Properly Manage Expectations

When you are starting out, go slow and be meticulous as you work through a few trial runs. This will help you address any unexpected scenarios while ensuring any future tests run smoothly.
Now keep in mind some of your tests may need to run longer than expected which is completely okay. Just be patient and let the test run until you are confident with the end result.

3 Record your Results

Your hypothesis will never be 100% correct, so breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not striving for perfection. Because you will inevitably be wrong it is important to log your conclusions on why your test did not perform well.
This will help you think critically on what to test next and give you a better understanding of your customer while maximizing opens, clicks, & conversions!

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