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[Infographic] The Perfect Booking Recovery Email

[Infographic] The Perfect Booking Recovery Email


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Philip Docherty, Customer Marketing Manager, reveals the secrets to The Perfect Booking Recovery Email.
Booking abandonment is a challenge facing every travel marketer today with abandonment rates averaging 81% and a forecasted $3 trillion to be abandoned online in 2014.
The reasons for booking and form abandonment are endless, but it doesn’t have to be end of the road with email remarketing proving incredibly successful in recovering lost sales. So how are travel marketers recovering these lost sales? And what does an effective email remarketing campaign look like?

It’s All About the Details

SaleCycle has put together an infographic, which summarises the three elements that are key to create that perfect booking recovery email. The advice comes from analysis of 100 global travel brands including Millennium Hotels, AirAsiaGo, P&O Ferries and Hertz.
As you can see, just tweaking smallest details can help you get more opens, clicks and conversions.
Infographic - Booking Recovery Email Travel 2014

If you’ve got any questions about the findings, or would like to discuss your booking recovery programme, then drop the team a note at [email protected]. We love chatting through the detail.

The $3 Trillion Booking Abandonment Opportunity


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