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[Webinar] Do You Know Why Your Visitors Won’t Book This Peak Season?


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In this on-demand webinar, we look at why over 80% of travel bookings online are abandoned, and what brands can do to increase conversions during January 2017.
Google Trends highlights a January peak in interest in the travel industry from online shoppers. But you didn’t need us to tell you we’re quickly approaching the busiest time of year on the travel calendar did you?

The travel industry experiences the highest rates of booking abandonment, at over 80% and in January 2016 SaleCycle’s travel clients recorded a 42% increase in abandonments.
There’s no doubt you’ll be aiming to reduce abandonments and increase conversions over this coming peak season, but do you know why your visitors aren’t going through with their bookings? And what you can do to overcome these reasons?

Preparing for Peak

Watch our webinar to discover…

  • Why people abandon their travel booking,
  • How you can stop them from leaving their booking,
  • How to target those visitors who have already abandoned,

Working with SaleCycle will ensure you’re in the best position to cash in on peak season 2017. Over this period in 2016, SaleCycle’s campaigns delivered an incredible 62% more sales conversions for our travel clients.
Find out how we can help improve your travel brand’s customer journey:
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