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Head of Product, Michael Barber, highlights the approach SaleCycle’s development team use and how it can be adapted to advance Remarketing.
I’ve got to put this out there. I ****ing LOVE digital marketing; email, social media, PPC, analytics, CRM, e-commerce… you name it, I love it. I also love building software, which is why my job as Head of Product at SaleCycle is like a match made in heaven.
Since joining at the very end of 2014 I’ve been getting to grips with understanding how all of our technology works and hangs together.
Our customers know us for kick-ass software with awesome service from our great people. I feel lucky to work with both groups of people (service and tech) and spend most of my time with those who keep the lights on, emails flowing and displays firing here at SC Towers.
Coders, developers, engineers whatever you want to call the people who build our technology you have to agree they’re a pretty smart bunch. But they wouldn’t do half as well if it weren’t for the feedback we get from our customers and our teams of experts.

Here at SaleCycle we try to build products and features that help our customers; marketing, e-commerce, affiliate and CRM professionals feel like Superheros. We do this by constantly evolving and building new stuff. We use a development methodology called ‘Agile” – Econsultancy mentioned this back last year in relation to marketing.
Agile is the concept of working in small sprints (normally a few weeks long) and at the end of each sprint having a functioning product, something we can release to the market. At its core is a focus on cooperation between teams across our business and our customers’ feedback. Here at SaleCycle we’re keen to get our customers as involved in our development as possible.
Much like Jonathan Colman on I think that the principles of ‘Agile’ development really works for marketing, not just projects, but as a discipline. In his video blog, he explains how important it is to put the ‘customer first’ as well as to ‘dont hate, iterate’.

Last month we were able to ‘iterate’ and launch a new set of features for our OSR (On-Site Remarketing) product. You can read more about it here.
Putting our ‘customers first’ means that if you (our loyal customers) have any new product ideas, features or generally just want to give us feedback on what kind of job we are doing, then please let your Campaign Manager know. They can then get you involved in our feedback sessions, user and beta testing!
If you like what you’ve read or seen on the links in this blog, then I recommend you check this out; I couldn’t find another way to crowbar these videos in but here are the amazing team at Spotify explaining how they use ‘agile’ and how they develop based on iterating and testing, check ’em out here and here.

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