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Is Mobile Commerce about to Go Boom?


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SaleCycle’s Head of Product, Michael Barber, looks into how online retailers are adapting to the ever-booming world of M-Commerce.
According to, the Adobe run destination site for senior marketers, this year’s top gift in the US over the thanksgiving period was predicted to be the iPhone 6/6+.
This got me thinking.
According to the same Adobe report, significant shifts were observed in M-commerce, with a growth in sales via smartphone and tablets not seen in previous years. IBM Digital Analytics commented that while overall online sales increased by 12.6%, sales on a mobile device increased by 27.2%.

As marketers we’ve all known of the growth in visitors via mobile and tablet devices, but in previous years we havent seen as many transactions completed on such devices. Mobile traffic on Cyber Monday was up 30.1% on the previous year according to IBM Digital Analytics and Return Path highlight that email opens on a mobile hit 62% on Christmas Day 2013 so imagine what that could be in 2014!

So What Has Changed?

Well for the major retailers, who see the vast majority of traffic during this period, what’s changed or is changing is the process for buying online on a mobile device.
In this Q&A with Econsultancy Jonathan Gabbai, Head of International Mobile at eBay puts the difference down to PayPal and the growth in the number of PayPal accounts. But of course he would say that.
But, let’s be honest; it is a critical consideration. Who in their right mind wants to type in the 16 digits from a card, expiry dates, security numbers, on a mobile phone; via a mobile phone keypad? So the correlation between growth in PayPal account numbers and mobile transactions is one factor in this growth.

What Is the Future?

Well, it’s not just hoverboards and self-fastening Nikes, but the future of commerce and mobile payments is interesting.
Brands will need to continue to focus efforts on improving mobile experience, the growth of other online payment methods; Apple Pay and Google Wallet will need to be observed and where necessary implemented as consumers adopt them.

Wearable devices such as those seen on the wrist of kids in Disney World, Bitcoin, along with Beacons and the proliferation of Apps that allow customers to pay for products and services online and in store will see even more changes to the world of mobile commerce.

Don’t Despair

Yes, it’s true that despite all of the changes to the world of M-commerce, visitors to your sites will still abandon their purchases, but companies like SaleCycle have you covered.
Stitching together the world of mobile and desktop can be achieved through remarketing emails ensuring that if your mobile site payment page still isn’t as accessible as you’d like you can capture those abandoning visitors… and all without a magical Disney wristband!

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