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9 Best Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Newsletter Examples

9 Best Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Newsletter Examples


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SaleCycle’s marketing team have selected some of the email newsletters we actually open and read… 

Ecommerce newsletters can be a great source of information to help you with your own newsletter and marketing strategies. However, the main goal of a newsletter is to get users onto your website. Newsletters are a great conversion rate optimisation tool. It’s important to reinforce the relationship with your customers, to provide value to every reader and to help build a brand community as this can improve customer retention too. 

Below we have picked 9 of the best newsletter examples that the marketing team at SaleCycle open and read. You can also gain insight and inspiration from these ecommerce newsletter examples when crafting your own. Of course, each company is different and each newsletter has a different goal, but you can still take value from the design examples and angles and stay ahead of the competition. 

We have put together a list of 9 of the best ecommerce newsletter examples to help you generate some ideas of your own. You might not see your specific sector but these newsletter examples can still help. 

Best Ecommerce Newsletter Examples & Ideas   


“The newsletter from InVision is a weekly digest of their best blog content, as well as a roundup of favorite design links and competitions to win swag. The email looks really fresh and modern, with nice clean lines, spaced out copy, and large glossy images, meaning it looks great both on desktop and mobile.

The articles always feature actionable suggestions and tips on improving design work, and the tone of voice is always friendly and quirky, yet informative. Chris Gascoigne, Video Marketing Manager

Moz Top 10

“SEO experts Moz have a Top 10 newsletter which is sent out every two weeks. This is a curated list of 10 of the best recent SEO and marketing articles. They don’t just push their own content, but actually share articles from all over that really add value to their audience.

Usually I love a bit of colour and imagery to break things up, but the simplicity of the email design actually makes finding the ones I want to read much easier.” Katie Ash, Product Marketing Manager.


“Newscred’s ‘Insights’ newsletter is a great mix between showcasing their skills and ready-to-use content marketing tactics. From articles on how to secure the budget for your content marketing plans, to their picks of the top campaigns, it always manages to pique my interest in an increasingly noisy inbox.

Definitely worth signing up for, if you’re looking to boost your content marketing plans.” Jack Ford, Head of Marketing.


“This is the one newsletter that I don’t flick past in an inbox that could be compared to rush hour in London and here’s why…
Whether its a detailed look into the latest marketing campaigns, key trends that have shocked marketers, or expert tips on producing clickable emails, this content is awesome for any marketer looking for inspiration.

This newsletter truly brings actionable advice and insights that can be implemented straight into my working day! Now there’s not many marketing blogs you can say that about.” Nic Weschenfelder, Marketing Executive.


“Phrasee’s newsletter is one of the emails that I actually open! You get one email per week and there’s no hard sell trying to get you to buy something. They share a range of topics, from the dreaded GDPR to people’s reactions to the UK getting hit by a LOT of snow.

They always change their logos to something fun and they add memes or gifs relating to the topics. It’s a light hearted email which I actually enjoy reading and would highly recommend.” Lauren Stirling, Marketing Assistant

Seth Godin

“I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and how his marketing mind works – he’s a prolific storyteller and very much an ideas man, so if you’re looking for inspiration on different ways to reach people, it’s worth subscribing to his updates.

He’s the author of ‘All marketers are liars’ and ‘Purple Cow’ (which was distributed in a milk carton) – so it’s fair to say his content isn’t exactly run of the mill! I’m always looking to try new things in marketing, and Seth is a great example to aspire to. Be prepared to abandon any ‘This is what we’ve always done!’ attitudes!” Hazel Burton, Acquisition Marketing Manager.

Marketing Week: The AM/The PM

“Each morning the Marketing Week AM is waiting in my inbox with the 4 to 5 of the latest headlines from the world of marketing.

The content can be a mix of tech advancements by companies to marketing strategies and webinars. My favorite headline is “…Everything that matters this morning” which is a good roundup of the day’s news. Then, just before the end of the working day in drops Marketing Week PM to summarise the day!” Bethany McDermott, Customer Marketing Manager.


“While not strictly marketing related, Medium’s personalized Daily Digest is something I look forward to (and it’s daily!).

Targeted articles from digital marketing, designers and programmers around the world, taken directly from subject areas I picked means that every time I open one of their newsletters, I know the content will be awesome.” Scott Hewitson, Web Marketing Manager

Really Good Emails

“Really Good Email collates and curates great examples of email marketing. It’s an excellent source of email design inspiration, with examples from various industries, and various types of emails.

The newsletter is weekly digest, often on a theme, of some of the best emails seen by the RGE team.” Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief

Newsletter FAQs 

What should I write in my first newsletter?

Introduce your business and tell them this is your first edition. Let your readers know what they can expect in your ecommerce newsletter and how often you will send it out. The key to creating the best ecommerce newsletters is to be consistent and provide the value you say you will. Make sure to connect with your customers at the right time or when you know your sector will experience larger engagement such as Black Friday sales or other holidays. 

Do newsletters still work?

Newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and prospects. Those who subscribe also show intent to engage with your brand. Newsletters should always provide value to your target audience by entertaining, educating and engaging them. The best ecommerce newsletters and examples deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. All of your messaging has extra value because it’s a personalised message.

What do you include in a newsletter?

The best ecommerce newsletters are those that provide value, essentially you are using your newsletter to promote what you think your customers want to know. However, within marketing there are many different channels and ways to present information. Some ideas include: blogs, how-to guides, roundups, interviews, ebooks, industry news, customer stories, reviews and much more.  

How can I improve my newsletter?

You must firstly consider what the aim of your newsletter is and ask yourself is it achieving this goal? If not, what should be added, changed or taken away to fit the message you want to communicate. Some of the rules for success include length of the text, it’s suggested to keep it short and snappy to convey your message as concisely as possible. Research and A/B test your subject lines to get the maximum open rate. Also, use internal links and CTAs to enable the customer to navigate to your site easily. Finally, be helpful and provide value in every newsletter, the aim is to give your users something for nothing.  

When should I send a newsletter?

The best time to send a newsletter entirely depends on your audience and your industry. With the introduction of smartphones people are checking their mail at different patterns than previously. For example, if you’re audience demographic is young and tech-savvy individuals then later in the day would be fine, if it’s account managers then early in the morning and mid-week would be better. However, the question is when is the best time to send a newsletter? Research shows that Thursday between 8am – 9am get better open rates, although this is a rule of thumb, the real answer is it depends on your audience. The beauty of email marketing and a great newsletter is that the content is personalised to your audience and nobody knows them better than you. Some other general tips on the best newsletter send times suggest that Mondays and Fridays are off limits, but again this could be your angle.   

Should I add links to my newsletter?

The answer is yes, you should certainly add links to your newsletter. Links allow your customers to navigate to your site and more importantly to the pages you want them to see such as a promotion, a blog post or a product page. Newsletters should be snappy and concise and promote engagement so links can be a great way to do this. Don’t forget, newsletters are a great conversion rate optimisation tool. It’s important to move the customer down the sales funnel and to do that they need to be on your website. Some tips when adding links to your newsletter include making them clear within the text. For example, use keyword specific phrases or if you are posting the raw link make sure the url matches the content being offered. Also, make sure your links go where they say they will go, so make sure to test them before sending your newsletter out.

Top 3 Ecommerce Newsletter Tips

  1. Write a focused subject line 

Your subject line can be the difference between a successful newsletter or email campaign or one that fails. The subject line is the sales content that influences the click to open-rate just like the front of a shop window. 

  1. Keep text short and concise 

The main aim of the newsletter is to get the user from the email and onto your site. It’s better for conversion rates to have users on your core pages than reading information in their own inbox. Make the information scannable with enough value to prompt an action or click from one of your CTAs.

  1. Well-placed CTA 

A well-placed CTA and design will evoke engagement. Make them visible, test different colours and test button shapes, sizes and placements. Test link placements, anchor texts and types of links (short links or long absolute links).  

Reviewed by Brad Ward
Written by Graham Charlton
— Updated on 19/01/2021


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