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[Webinar] Why Your Visitors Aren’t Booking (yet!)


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In this free on-demand webinar, we look at why over 80% of travel bookings online are abandoned, and what brands can do to reduce this figure and reconnect with visitors once they’ve left your site.

On average only 1-2% of visitors to a travel website will make a booking in that session; while more than 80% of people who have started making a reservation will leave without completing it. And yet, it’s no ones fault.
Us consumers (yep, we’re real people too) are notoriously cautious when it comes to hitting that purchase button on high value products and do plenty of research before being ready to book.
In this webinar, we uncover:

  • Why people abandon their travel booking?
  • How you can stop them from leaving their booking.
  • How to target those visitors who have already abandoned.

Remember, they came to your site for a reason.


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