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Product Recommendations in Email Remarketing


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A true story about product recommendations in email remarketing.
One week before my wedding in 2010, my future husband was in a state of panic shopping for my wedding present. I had suggested that a necklace might be an appropriate token, and having previously admired a beautiful black pearl and diamond necklace, he headed back to the jewellers to splash some cash.
While concluding the purchase, the saleswoman suggested that he should consider completing the gift with the addition of the co-ordinating pearl and diamond earrings. (The way he tells it, she implied he couldn’t possibly NOT buy the earrings or I’d think he was some sort of jewellery imbecile).
“I love that woman. Nearly as much as my husband…”

Product recommendations, in the right hands, can be a highly effective tool to maximise order values, providing they meet two main criteria’s.

Earning Your Reputation

Firstly, they must come from a trusted source. A strong brand reputation is a great starting point, but this must be consistent and applied across every touch-point of the customer experience.
[one_half]For me, make-up is a perfect case in point. Walking through a department store,I often find myself studiously avoiding eye contact with salespeople for major cosmetics brands who are trying to promote their product while looking like this:
The best brand in the world won’t win me over at this point. Just because you are enjoying a staff discount doesn’t mean you need to wear every product at the same time, ladies. Sometimes less is more.[/one_half][one_half_last]Untitled-1[/one_half_last]
This leads nicely to my next point – product recommendations should be relevant and sparing. Being presented with two or three ‘hand-picked’ items which match my taste is far more likely to tempt me to part with my hard-earned cash than being baffled by an array of choices in the vague hope that something catches my eye.
All of the above comes into play when you consider including product recommendations in an email – and especially a remarketing email where the customer has done the first bit of the work for you (e.g. picked out the black pearl necklace they’re interested in!).
There are some great examples out there of brands using product recommendations in their remarketing emails – not overwhelming the customer (or the creative) with too many options and not trailing far from the brand values (especially in tone of voice) that the customer has already bought into.
Here are three of my favourites:

1 Paul Smith

The Paul Smith remarketing email is a great example of how simplicity and functionality really do work. With a sleek and dynamic design, this email showcases the customers basket along with a few product ideas to tempt the purchase.

2 Stella McCartney

This remarketing email is a personal favourite of mine!  With its simple layout and design, the basket contents are on full show just ready to be purchased, (BUT then!) I am lured in with the bold statement of “You May Also Like“… offering another 3 handbags of which I REALLY like. What do I do?
“You can never have enough handbags right?”


Like any woman, being tempted with another pair of shoes can only lead to one thing… Another pair of shoes.
With its strap line of “Don’t lose those shoes” and bright pink ‘Checkout Now’ button, its kind of hard not to follow through with the purchase. Along with Product recommendation’s and brand emphasis, this remarketing email is an all round winner for both Office and its customer’s.

Figures show that product recommendations help ensure the average order value from remarketing emails is up to 38% higher than direct sales – an incredible figure, but one that just goes to show the importance a personal touch can make.
Just like the saleswoman, and my lovely diamond earrings that day…


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