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[Infographic] The Perfect Responsive Email


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Keefe Au looks at the importance of a responsive email design and unveils our new interactive (and responsive!) infographic highlighting the key elements in designing that perfect responsive email.
I’ve been in the email game for over two years now and I’m still learning new tips and tricks to improve our open and click through rates on a daily basis.
In comparison with generic marketing or newsletter emails, the relevancy of the remarketing emails triggered by SaleCycle’s technology means we typically see open rates well in excess of 50%, making it even more important that they look great when recipients are reading them.


Customer Experiences Matter

Apple were one of the world’s first super-brands to adopt a ‘mobile first’ strategy in everything they do. With 1 billions smart-phones being shipped in 2013 (yep, that’s a billion!), the world is not becoming mobile… it already is.
When it comes to marketing and design, it is more important than every before that the experience you design for a customer on their desktop is matched by those viewing on phone and tablet devices. For email, it’s now even more important with 61% of email opens now on a mobile device!
For SaleCycle, this is an integral part of our design strategy. Our responsive designs do exactly as you’d expect, they respond to the device on which our clients’ customers view their emails.
So whether they’re viewing our beautiful emails on their office computer or while out gallivanting on their generic smartphone, our clients can be sure that their customers will be getting the best possible user experience.[/one_half]

Infographic: The Perfect Responsive Email

Our email layouts change and adapt for different screens using something called a media query. This allows us to provide simple single column layouts for simple scrolling on mobile, increase font sizes for readability and even increase button sizes so even people with useless fat thumbs like myself can complete their orders with greater ease!
We thought it would be useful to share our learnings, so have put together an interactive infographic that brings you through 5 tips to achieve 100% readability! It’s fully responsive as well!

Want More Design Inspiration?

The world’s leading brands use SaleCycle’s On-Site Remarketing and Email Remarketing technology to reconnect with consumers who abandon a purchase online and we have now created responsive email designs for more than 200 global brands.
Take a look through some of our favourites in the SaleCycle Look Books »

Note for Editors: You’re welcome to use this infographic on your own website, provided it is attributed prominently with a link back to this page. Please contact [email protected] for more info.