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Six of the Best Marketing Emails We've Seen in 2018


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In this post, our marketing team present some of the emails that have impressed them so far this year…


“Nike are absolutely nailing their marketing right now with their Colin Kaepernick campaign. They are taking a pioneering approach by using idealistic politics to their advantage.
They’re also leading the way when it comes to marketing emails, being one of the few brands to successfully integrate gifs into their emails.

Rather than use flashy annoying large gifs, their approach is a lot more subtle, creating a cinemagraph within the email. This draws attention to the email and gets the brand’s cool style across, without interrupting the user’s experience.”
Chris Gascoigne, Video Marketing Manager

The Botanist

“Using email capture to gain access to their wifi connection, The Botanist ensure their email list is full of actual customers. The next day they send a timely email asking for a review, while the visit is still fresh in your mind.

It’s a great way to gain feedback and social proof, and the promise of a free G&T is just the incentive for customers to complete it.”
Katie Ash, Product Marketing Manager.


“2018 has been the year of GDPR, with companies not only fighting for their spot in the inbox but also desperately trying to maintain their opted-in database.

Missguided stayed very on-brand with their take on GDPR, using relatable language, gifs and keeping their target audience in mind at all times. A great example of communicating an important message without jeopardizing their tone of voice.”
Francine Rodgers, Client Marketing Manager

BBC Blue Planet

“I’m a massive fan of an animal documentary especially ones that are narrated by the legend David Attenborough. So when I saw the email for Blue Planet 2, I was super excited.

I loved the design of the email, the further down the email you got the deeper into the sea you ventured. Filled with facts to intrigue you while promoting the airtime of the programme.”
Lauren Stirling, Marketing Assistant


“I’m a recent convert to Netflix and have been pretty impressed so far. The various apps work well, there’s some great stuff to watch, but it’s the use of data that’s really powerful for Netflix.

With so much choice, it can be hard for customers to decide, so Netflix works hard to use data to surface relevant content for subscribers. Indeed, Netflix estimates that this use of data saves the company $1 billion per year in lost subscribers.
Thanks to this use of data, these personalized emails produce content recommendations which are far more relevant than those of rival services.”
Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief


“I’m a sucker for puns; good, bad or ugly – I like ‘em all! Trainline manage some of the first festive ones I’ve seen this year in this email where the copy get’s straight to the point; Save up to 51% on train tickets this christmas period.
The puns fit nicely with Trainline’s consistent light-hearted tone of voice and add in personality into an otherwise price/savings-led message.

Throw in a quirky little animation and you’ve got an email that sticks out amongst the inbox.

  • Creative copy – check
  • Animation to catch attention – check
  • Savings to send me across the UK to see friends and family over christmas – check.”

Jack Ford, Head of Marketing


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