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Ten of the Most Inspiring Social Media Accounts We've Seen This Year

Ten of the Most Inspiring Social Media Accounts We've Seen This Year


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SaleCycle’s marketing team have picked some of their favourite social media accounts from the world of ecommerce and digital marketing. 


A personal (daily go-to) favorite of mine of mine is Hypebeast, dedicated in bringing you the latest fashion, art and culturally relevant content as it happens.
Utilising its social media channels to publish content, Hypebeast’s social feeds are stunning – combining breaking news, exclusive content and all the latest fashion drops to make it the go-to destination for any fashionista.

Hypebeast’s editorially driven approach to its commerce is more than effective – creating an almost exclusive VIP-like culture, enticing the click and more so, the purchase.
Phil Docherty, ‎Customer Marketing Manager


@copyblogger posts daily insights into the world of copywriting and content marketing. I love the way they use a strong hero image, with accompanying text to encourage click throughs.
This style across all of their tweets to create a strong brand identity.

The tweets are also clear and concise, holding back on the use of hashtags to make them easier to read.
Chris Gascoigne, Video Marketing Manager

Ads of the World

For people of my generation, Facebook as has switched from a ‘personal’ social network to a much more professional tool.
Following pages like Ads of the World is a great way to get a daily dose of inspiration straight to your newsfeed – from web marketing news, design updates and… your occasional old-friend-from-high-school baby pictures!

Having worked in advertising, it’s also a great way to stay in tune with the work of my former colleagues – when they’ve been featured there!
Caroline Baudin, Marketing Manager, South EMEA.

Rand Fishkin

As the founder of Moz and Whiteboard Fridays, Rand Fishkin’s twitter is the go-to for all things SEO. This year I took up the challenge on increasing my own SEO knowledge, and have found his online courses and twitter posts to be a godsend. As well as sharing great content, insights and opinions, there’s also a ton of marketing and business advice that really makes you think:

Katie Ash, Product Marketing Manager.

Wil Reynolds

I was lucky enough to see Wil Reynolds open the market track at >2017’s Turing Fest> and despite the early(ish) hour he threw so much knowledge, passion and humour at the room it was hard not to be energized and inspired to try a bunch of his tips.
Since then I’ve been a keen (just on the right side of stalker) follower of Wil’s twitter feed. What’s great is that as much as his own tips are really useful, Wil’s always asking questions and advice from other out there, sparking new ideas and great conversations.

An absolute must-follow for any digital marketer with an appetite to learn new stuff.


Chubbies is known as the quintessential ‘brotailer’, famous for the American flag, stars and stripes on their shorts.. Chubbies always make me chuckle as I scroll through my feed. Why?
They know their audience, primarily young guys who love to make the most of weekends without being too conscious about bodybuilding. It’s even written in their bio! With the audience sorted, this gives them the scope to create posts around their buyers persona, which put simply is laddish humour! Using a mixture of their own posts and customer inspired posts they are able to connect with their followers in an authentic and comical fashion.

‪@dr.chadteague #chubbies‬

A post shared by Chubbies (@chubbies) on

Steering away from the generic product description, image and link post, they simply become ‘one of the lads’ posting on >your insta feed. I challenge you to keep straight face when reading the post above. Nic Weschenfelder, Marketing Executive.

Innocent Drinks

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C marketing, I’m a big fan of taking inspiration of brands that you admire. Innocent Drinks are a brand I’ve always looked to.
They’re fun, unique and authentic brand voice can be felt across everything they do but particularly on social media where they bring a light and classically ‘Innocent’ commentary to current affairs.

A great example being the furore over the latest John Lewis Christmas TV Ad here in the UK for example. Chris Sheen, CMO

Celeste Barber

In a society that extols the cult of beauty and where women have to be thin, eat clean, workout, educate their children well and have a blossoming social life, it’s enjoyable to see people having fun on it!
Celeste Barber is a mother, a wife and a comedian who caricatures top models and advertising pictures by reproducing them.
She generally chooses naked models’ pictures or sensual poses of celebrities. She posts pictures of herself with the same kind of clothes and attitude but with less budget and no Photoshop.

The result is very funny and each of her posts gets thousands of likes. In my view>, this kind of thrust helps women realize that real life isn’t the one portrayed in magazines. Amelie Combe, Marketing Apprentice


NowThis allows me to keep up to date with recent news, new technologies, political issues and light hearted stories.
It’s great because it offers a variety of content without being ‘in your face’. I feel it has the right balance of pressing issues and light hearted stories, which is great! Lauren Stirling, Marketing Assistant. 

Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns refers to the dirty tricks some websites use to convince users to take actions they hadn’t intended to.
This might be things like pre-ticked boxes selecting extras on a flight, or misleading calls to action. It’s about tricking users and it’s the opposite of good UX.

The Dark Patterns Twitter account shows examples of these tricks, naming and shaming the perpetrators.
Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief


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