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Top 4 Reasons Your Customers Will Give You Their Email Address

Top 4 Reasons Your Customers Will Give You Their Email Address


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Product Manager , Lisa Robertson is here to reveal the top reasons customers are willing to give brands their email addresses!
Ah email addresses. The cornerstone to communicating and engaging with your customers. It’s a basic piece of information that is equally as complex to attain.
Brands will try one strategy after another to improve email acquisition and establish this crucial connection with their customers, but aren’t always as successful with every endeavor.
It really brings one question to mind : “what makes a customer actually want to give you their email address?” After pondering over this question for a bit, I think we’ve had an “aha moment.” And that’s why we’re here to enlighten you with the four top reasons customers will give you their email address!


1 It makes their lives easier

We all love a good online shop with our favorite brands, but we all know that not everyone has the time of day to complete their purchases immediately.
Which is why emailing customers their basket or booking is such a great feature. Customers receive their shopping cart in an email and can later revisit it when it’s more convenient for them. And when your customers see that sharing their email address makes their lives a little less complicated with a lot more time to review and purchase at their leisure, they’re more than likely to leave their email behind.


2 It’s a win-win scenario

“So you’re saying if I give you my email address, I can get a discount off of my purchase?” Yes. Customers do see this as an incentive and yes, it does make them act.
It’s pretty much basic human psychology.
People don’t mind giving up something of theirs if they gain something of benefit in return. And giving your customers a promo or voucher code to save a little extra cash on their purchases actually excites them to give out their information. Their email for a sweet discount? It’s a fair trade and a win-win situation.


3 They get special offers

Everyone wants what others can’t have. It sparks competition and an eagerness to buy.
So appealing to the exclusivity of an offer or deal is a great strategy. It’s those exclusive, special offers and promotions that get customers to share their information in a hurry.
Go on and mention VIP deals or free upgrades and watch how your customers become keen to provide you with their details!


4 They’re loyal to your brand

If a customer loves your brand, they will want to stay up to date with the latest news and products regarding you and your services. Brand loyalty also plays an important role in increasing the number of email addresses collected via latest news or service emails. Take this example from Oakley who saw a 66% increase in email acquisition simply by adopting this strategy.
It’s also important to use surveys or other tools of engagement to understand what it is that customers enjoy about your products. If you figure out what they love about your brand and hone in on that, then getting their details is an effortless pursuit.
Getting that all important email address is more about understanding what inspires customers to want to remain connected. May it be through discounts, customer loyalty or simply because they want to stay up to date with your products, it’s more than just about receiving their personal details. It’s a means of communication that creates a long-lasting relationship between your customers and your brand.

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