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[Webinar] The 'Finance Purchase Mindset' and How to Make It Work for You, Not Against You


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In this on-demand webinar, we discuss with Reevoo the challenges the finance sector faces and how User Generated Content and Behavioral Marketing can help build trust and improve the customer journey.


Consumer confidence in the finance industry is low

Whether it’s not trusting providers or getting confused choosing the right product, consumers find purchasing or applying for financial products such as credit cards, bank accounts and insurance stressful. And that’s not a great mindset for shoppers to have.
With 76% of people, who start an online application, dropping out before completion, there’s a clear need for financial brands to improve their online customer journey.
In this webinar we look at:

  • What is the “finance purchase mindset”?
  • How to influence the mindset pre-purchase
  • What can be done post-purchase?

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