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[Webinar] How Do The World’s Biggest Travel Brands Convert Online?

[Webinar] How Do The World’s Biggest Travel Brands Convert Online?


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In this webinar SaleCycle and Equator discuss real-life examples of how some of the world’s biggest travel companies convert online.

Travel companies suffer some of the highest cart abandonment rates across all ecommerce industries. Our research shows that over 80% of all online booking are abandoned.
So, after all your good work of encouraging visitors to select a flight or room and add it to their basket; 8 out of every 10 will leave without making the booking. It’s enough to make you cry isn’t it?
But wait, dry your eyes; there are a number of ways some of the most famous travel brands use to boost their conversions.
This webinar looks at real-life examples from brands such as Hilton, flydubai and Hertz that include:

  • Dynamic PPC ads
  • SMS remarketing
  • Loyalty schemes

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