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Why Will People Give You Their Email Address?

Why Will People Give You Their Email Address?


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In our latest SaleCycle Academy video, we take a look at email acquisition… 

Video Transcription

Email is often the most valuable marketing channel for retailers, so it’s important to build and maintain a strong email database.
The fact that users have actively signed up signifies that they have some interest in the products or services on offer, making it a valuable group to market to.
With so many emails landing in customers inboxes, how can retailers persuade people to sign up for another?
First of all, people will sign up if they’ll get some value from your emails. They may be interested in your brand or products and are likely to be persuaded by the promise of regular updates and exclusive deals.
Another tactic is to tempt visitors with special offers such as money off their first purchase with a retailer.
Good timing can also help. For example, a message on-site can prompt customers to sign up for emails. These messages can be timed to appear when customers have been inactive for a while, or are about to leave a site.
Context is also key. For example, visitors who have started to book flights but aren’t ready to buy can be prompted to submit their email to save the flight details for later.

It should also be nice and easy to sign up. Retailers might be tempted to collect as much information as they can from customers, and this can help to make emails more relevant, but asking for too much will put some people off. 

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