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6 Times Behavioral Marketing Improved Customer Experience

Behavioral Marketing Specialist, Nathan Rose, looks at six examples of how customer experience has been improved by brands using behavioral marketing. “Customer Experience”. It’s the phrase on everyone’s lips and with the increased interaction customers now have with brands in this ever-evolving, digitally-connected world, it comes as no surprise. Working in close quarters with some […]

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[Webinar] Is SMS Missing From Your Mobile Strategy?

In this on-demand webinar, we look at how brands can use SMS to drive immediate engagement from consumers, including a look at SaleCycle’s award-winning SMS Remarketing solution. Marketing-On-The-Go With the seemingly unstoppable rise of mobile commerce, it’s vital for brands to make sure they’re doing everything they can to grab their share of this market. […]

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5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Improve Your Email

There has much debate on the effectiveness of email marketing. Does it really bring about the promised ROI? Despite the introduction of new advanced tools and platforms to help businesses generate revenue and increase scalability, email marketing still remains as strong as ever, and in my opinion, the best tool to get the reach out to targeted […]

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A look at’s brilliant multi-cycle email remarketing campaign… There’s no quicker and easier way to boost recovered revenue on your campaign than to implement another email remarketing cycle. SaleCycle allows our clients to send up to 3 emails in response to a customer abandonment in order to help recover their cart. Recently, my colleague […]

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