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3 Tips for Getting Fashion Marketing Emails Opened

Jack Ford, EMEA Marketing Manager, reveals three top tips to getting fashion marketing emails opened! £10.7 billion. According to Mintel, that’s how much UK shoppers spent online on clothes and shoes last year. I can almost hear the wardrobes creaking from here! With spending set to almost double by 2019, here are 3 tips to help […]

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Google Inbox and What It Means for Email Remarketing

SaleCycle’s Andrei Coconasu looks at Google’s latest offering, Inbox, and how its effects the world of email remarketing. For the past couple months SaleCycle’s Implementation Team has been testing our emails in Google’s new email client, Inbox. Design-wise, Inbox brings in Google’s new Material Design style, as it has to their other platforms. Animations are smooth, the […]

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5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Improve Your Email

There has much debate on the effectiveness of email marketing. Does it really bring about the promised ROI? Despite the introduction of new advanced tools and platforms to help businesses generate revenue and increase scalability, email marketing still remains as strong as ever, and in my opinion, the best tool to get the reach out to targeted […]

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