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9 Essential Google Analytics Custom Reports for Ecommerce

We suggest some ready-made Google Analytics reports which can help you to view and understand your website data more effectively.
Google Analytics comes with some useful basic reports, but they’re targeted at a broad audience and may not always match up with different business goals.
This is where customisation comes in. There are various ways to customise and manipulate data, and custom reports are an excellent way to do this.
Using the custom function, you can create your own reports from scratch by choosing the combination of dimensions, metrics and display format that works for you.
Alternatively, and thanks to the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery, you can choose from ready-made reports, and just import them into your own analytics account. From there you can also further customise or add segments to make them more useful for you.
Here’s a selection of custom reports for ecommerce. To import any of them, simply click the link to view the preview and import the report.


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