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How Retailers Are Promoting Their Singles’ Day Deals

How Retailers Are Promoting Their Singles’ Day Deals


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Singles’ Day, also known as 11.11, is now the single biggest shopping day of the year, both offline and online.

Last year, sales totalled $30.8 billion, and that’s just Alibaba. For comparison, the biggest US shopping day was Cyber Monday 2018, when sales reached $7.9 billion. However your Black Friday ecommerce strategy is also important to get right.

Brands all over the APAC region now offer Singles’s Day sales, and they’ve been building up to the event and teasing sales for the past few weeks.

In this article, we take a look at how brands in the region are building up to Single’s Day.

Building Awareness of 11.11 Sales

Lazada, one of the biggest online retailers in South East Asia, has been building interest in its one day sale for weeks.

With so many brands taking part in 11.11 promotions, the idea is to grab shopper’s attention early and have your brand at the forefront of their mind.

Retailers have been using emails, on-site messages, and physical ads to build hype for their sales.

Other sites are teasing shoppers with upcoming discounts. In this example from Lazada, it’s showing the possible sale price of the product on 11.11.

Extending the Singles’ Day Sales Event

Rather than waiting for the day itself, many retailers are offering extended sales events, running up to 11.11.

There are a number of good reasons for retailers to do this. For one, starting sales early can be a good way to steal a march on competitors’ promotions.

Also, traffic begins to build up in anticipation of sales events like Black Friday and Singles Day, as shoppers research products they’re thinking of buying, or checking out upcoming promotions. Offering early deals can persuade some of these visitors to buy before the big day.

As large sales events like these drive huge levels of traffic to sites, it can make sense for retailers to spread the load and ease pressure on the site, as well as customer services, warehouse staff and couriers.

IKEA APAC has turned its sales into an 11 day event, with 20% off selected products every day. This gives shoppers a reason to visit each day up to Singles’ Day.

Driving Repeat Visits

Extending sales events as IKEA does also gives people reasons to come back again and again ahead of Singles’ Day.

Lazada’s marketing has plenty of great examples of this. It’s actively encouraging shoppers to make multiple visits, giving them plenty of reasons to keep returning.

In the example email below, Lazada offers plenty of ways to interact with the brand up to and including Singles Day, with pre-sales, daily deals and vouchers.

Daily deals and flash sales encourage shoppers to keep an eye on the site in the days leading up to Singles’ Day.

Vouchers are used to great effect by Lazada – they encourage shoppers to visit the site in advance of Singles’ Day and give them reasons to come back on the day.

Vouchers are released for a limited period of time, so shoppers need to head to the site to collect vouchers while they’re available.

The vouchers are stored in the shopper’s Lazada account and can then be used on Singles’ Day itself.

Uniqlo takes a similar approach, offering coupons for purchases made up to 11.11. This incentivises purchases, but also means that shoppers will return later to use their coupons.

In Summary

Large sales events like Singles’ Day offer an opportunity for retailers to take advantage of large volumes of traffic, increase sales and acquire lots of new customers.

With lots of competition for shoppers’ attention around Singles’s Day, it pays to find ways to raise awareness of your offers, and make your site the key destination for sales shoppers.

Brands like Lazada have ways to build excitement around Singles’ Day, but have also found clever ways to persuade customers to make several visits an advance of 11.11.


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