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The Monsoon Story

See how Monsoon increased online sales by more than 4%

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Background Story

Monsoon’s abandonment rate of 68% is much lower than the industry average of 75%, but still means a huge amount of lost revenue every day. The company worked with SaleCycle to turn these abandoners into customers.

At Monsoon Accessorize we recognise the challenge of abandoned baskets and the opportunity to target these people our hottest prospects. By working with SaleCycle and sending timely, well designed emails, we’ve increased our annual sales online by over 4% with an average order value 30% higher than our direct website sales.

A great partnership.

Bilal Adham, Online Acquisition Manager at Monsoon Accessorize

The Results

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Conversion From Send
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Features Used

Cart Abandonment Emails

cart abandonment emails

Reconnect with your hottest prospects.

It’s a fact; most shopping carts are left abandoned.

Cart Abandonment emails enable you to reconnect with visitors who’ve abandoned their shopping cart; reminding them what they’ve left behind and tempting them back to complete the purchase.

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