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The Puma Story

See how Puma increased online sales by more than 3%

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Background Story

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for all online retailers, with research highlighting that more than 75% of shoppers leave websites without completing the purchase. Companies like Puma attract thousands of online visitors every day, so this means a massive amount of potential revenue is left on the table.

Wanting to reconnect with their hottest of prospects, Puma approached SaleCycle to set up an intelligent cart abandonment email campaign – allowing customers to finish what they started.

An International Approach

One of the keys to curbing cart abandonment is the sending of timely and relevant content to abandoning visitors.

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, Puma has thousands of customers across the globe daily. By implementing an intelligent cart abandonment email campaign, Puma were able to send timely and relevant emails to its abandoned prospects – no matter their location.

Segmented by region, Puma send innovative and stylish emails – complete with the abandoned items, making it as easy as possible for the customer to return to their purchase.

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The Results

SaleCycle’s partnership with Puma has been a real success, not only has it increased their online revenues, it’s also helped improve the overall customer experience online.

The multi-cycle emails have been highly effective, boasting email open rates of over 44%, and a 13% click rate.

Puma’s AOV from recovered sales is almost double that of their direct sales. Boasting an AOV of over £160, this clearly highlights the importance and value of the cart abandonment emails, encouraging customers to purchase more.

Since the campaign go-live, Puma has increased their online sales by over 3% – keeping them at the forefront of the sports industry

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We are enthusiastic about creating an optimised customer engagement strategy. The SaleCycle cart abandonment program allows us to send timely and relevant emails across multiple locations and languages ensuring a streamlined experience.

Huy Nguyen, Online Marketing Manager at Puma

The Results

% Open Rate
% Click Rate
$ AOV of Recovered Sales
% Uplift In Sales

Features Used

Cart Abandonment Emails

cart abandonment emails

Reconnect with your hottest prospects.

It’s a fact; most shopping carts are left abandoned.

Cart Abandonment emails enable you to reconnect with visitors who’ve abandoned their shopping cart; reminding them what they’ve left behind and tempting them back to complete the purchase.

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