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Cart Abandonment Emails

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84% of visitors add something to their shopping cart but then leave your site. Use Cart Abandonment Emails to remind them what they left behind.

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How it works

87% of people who abandon their cart say they would consider returning to purchase. They just need the right prompt.

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When a visitor leaves your site without purchasing items in their cart, we send a personalized email with all the details of what they’ve left behind.


Boost the performance of your campaign by adding an extra email cycle. Sending messages 1 hour, 24 hours, and 72 hours after an abandonment can improve campaign performance by up to 30%.

Email Optimization

We test all elements in Cart Abandonment Emails, including images, subject lines, and send times to find the best performing version.

About Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart Abandonment happens when visitors to a website add something to their cart but leave the site without completing a purchase.

In retail, it’s frequently called cart abandonment, but the same principle applies to other types of websites.

There’s booking abandonment within the travel industry, where a customer begins the process of booking a flight, hotel, or other travel product but leaves without finishing.

Form abandonment refers to financial websites where customers leave without completing forms for insurance quotes, subscriptions, and other financial products.

In all of these cases, the fact that customers have begun the processing of buying, booking, or requesting a quote indicates a clear interest in your products or services.

Once shoppers have abandoned a purchase, that doesn’t need to be the end of the story. People often abandon because they’re not quite ready to buy at that point, not because they never intend to buy.

A well-timed Cart Abandonment Email, sent within an hour or two of the customer leaving a purchase, can persuade them to come back and complete the booking or purchase.

Cart Abandonment Emails, with an average open rate of 43% and conversion rates of 2.9%, have some of the best performance stats of any marketing email.

Whether delivered via email or SMS, cart abandonment messages work because they are highly relevant to shoppers, reminding them of the products they were about to buy, as well as making it easy to complete the purchase.

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