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Countdown Timers

Add urgency to the purchase process

Using Countdown Timers, you can highlight how long is left until the end of a sale or the deadline for a delivery day. You’ll provide a helpful dose of urgency to your visitors and persuade shoppers to buy before it’s too late.

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Countdown Timers Example

How it works

Countdown Timers can be triggered and displayed in a number of ways.

Progress Bar Example


Countdown timers can be shown when a shopper lands on a page, or when they’ve been inactive for some time. They can also be shown in response to exit intent, or when users click a certain button on a page.


Countdown Timers can be displayed through subtle notifications which influence the user, or more persistent overlays or takeovers.

Sales periods

Countdown timers work perfectly during busy sales periods, to highlight key offers and end dates.

About Countdown Timers

Creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful technique that encourages shoppers to make a faster decision on the purchases they’re considering.

Countdown Timers are an excellent way to create this urgency, providing customers with useful information which affects their decision to buy.

Retailers can use Countdown Timers to convey key information, such as the time left before the end of a sales period, or for offers such as next day delivery.

The power of the countdown timer is that the ticking down of the clock adds extra urgency in the mind of the shopper. It’s a clear visual cue that time is running out and this can become a key factor in their purchase decision.

Countdown Timers work well when they offer useful information to customers – that a sale will end soon, or perhaps that they have an hour left to order if they want their purchase to be delivered the next day.

They can be used where customers are considering a purchase, such as product pages, or during checkout. Countdown Timers are also shown when customers are about to abandon the site, to encourage them to continue with a purchase.

Countdown Timers can be effective at any time, but can also add an extra edge when used in key sales periods, when offers are often time-limited. For example, we found that using timers during the Black Friday sales period led to a 30% increase in click rates and a massive 200% increase in conversions.

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