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Progress Bars

Let them know how close they are

Progress Bars can increase conversion rates and order values by showing shoppers how much more they need to spend to qualify for extra benefits, or how close they are to completing checkout.

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Progress Bar Example

How it works

Progress Bars can be displayed in a number of ways.

Progress Bar Example


Progress Bars can be shown when a visitor is about to leave the checkout, when they’ve been inactive for some time, or in response to click on buttons or links.

On-site display

Progress Bars can be displayed through subtle notifications which influence the user, or more persistent overlays or takeovers.

Use in emails

Progress indicators can be used in basket abandonment emails to highlight how long customers have left to checkout, or how much more they need to spend to qualify for free delivery.

About Progress Bars

Progress Bars are an incredibly useful tool to let your consumers know how far away they are from completing certain actions, such as completing a purchase, or qualifying for free delivery.

Using Progress Bars provides a visual cue for customers. If they’re close to abandoning, it can show them that the form or purchase is almost completed, encouraging them to continue.

In other situations, it can help to improve average order values by providing reasons to add more shopping baskets. A message which tells them they can qualify for free shipping if they spend £10 more encourages people to add more shopping baskets.

On-site, Progress Bars can be displayed as a way to encourage conversion. They can be subtle prompts, or used as overlays or takeovers to ensure customers see the message.

The key is to provide a clear indication of the goal so the message is easily understood by shoppers. Context is key, so they need to be triggered at the right time – in response to customers about to leave the site, or when certain pages are loaded.

Add Progress Bars To Your Campaign