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Promo Codes

Drive conversions with targeted offers

Showing promo codes on key pages and in email marketing highlights your offers and provides compelling incentives for customers to make a purchase.

A promo code shown on-site or delivered via email can be just the incentive shoppers need to finalise a purchase.

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Promo Codes Example

How it works

Promo codes can be displayed in several ways, from subtle on-site displays to marketing emails.

Promo Code Example

Subtle prompts

Codes can be displayed as headers and footers or side panels without interrupting the user journey.

Capture shopper’s attention

Overlays or takeovers with promo code offers can be used to get the attention of shoppers, perfect when they are showing exit intent.


Almost 20% of cart abandonments happen due to price. Encourage visitors back to purchase by offering dynamic promo codes based on their behavior.

About Promo Codes

Promo codes are an effective way of delivering discounts and other special offers to customers. Using promo codes, offers can be targeted to different customer segments or even to individual shoppers.

By targeting promo codes to individual users and segments, or according to preset rules, they are more effective, as offers and content are more relevant.

Rather than having one code for all users, dynamic promo codes can be shown in response to triggers such as the products being abandoned, the visitor’s cart value, and their purchase history.

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How to use and display promo codes

Promo codes can be used in a number of ways:

Customer acquisition – codes can be used as an incentive to acquire new customers.

Email capture – customers who sign up for email updates can be rewarded with discounts off their first order.

Recovering sales – promo codes used in cart abandonment emails can provide a compelling reason for shoppers to return to checkout to complete a purchase.

Encourage repeat purchases – Your customers have taken the leap and made their first purchase. Sending a promo code for use on their second purchase could entice them back and start building important brand loyalty

Rewarding loyalty – On average, loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers, so it’s essential to keep those customers happy. Exclusive codes sent on occasions such as birthdays can help to make your most loyal customers feel special.

Upsell & cross-sell – Offering free delivery or money off promo codes when spending over a certain value or buying multiple products together, could convince your customers to add more items to their cart to reach this threshold.

Where to use promo codes

Promo codes can be used and displayed in various ways, from key webpages to email and SMS marketing messages. On-site, promo codes can be clearly displayed site-wide to ensure that visitors are aware of current promotions, or they can be used more tactically, in response to customers’ on-site behavior, triggered by pre-determined cues.

For example, if customers have been idle on a page for some time or are showing exit intent (i.e., moving the cursor towards the close tab button), then a promo code can be shown to persuade them to continue shopping.

Promo codes can be displayed using relatively subtle prompts like notifications in the corner of the page or messaging in the header or footer of websites.

To ensure that shoppers see and interact with promo codes, they can be displayed more prominently using overlays and takeovers, which put the message front and center.

If customers abandon a purchase, promo codes can be used in cart abandonment emails to provide a further compelling reason to come back to the checkout and complete a purchase.

Our Unique Promo Codes can be used in emails to help control the use of codes. Codes can be made unique to the individual customer, which guards against the unwanted viral spread of codes beyond the intended target audience.

In this way, codes can be tracked to individual customers, enabling a greater understanding of customer behavior. Discounts can also be applied and adjusted in response to specific customer behavior and segments such as shopping cart value.

For example, a code offering free delivery can be used to encourage customers to add more to their shopping carts, or used only for orders above a certain value.

By using promo codes intelligently, retailers can encourage shoppers to spend more, or add extra value to carts abandonment emails without the risk of codes spreading further than intended.

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