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Repeat Purchase

Remind customers before they run out…

It’s frustrating to run out of your favourite products. Use our repeat purchase feature to ensure your customers never do.

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How it works

Our Repeat Purchase feature makes it easy for customers to reorder their favourite items before they run out.

Repeat Purchase Example

It starts with that first purchase

Depending on the product ordered, we schedule a reminder, timed for when the customer is likely to buy again.

Perfect timing

An email or SMS reminder is sent to the customer, inviting them to reorder the product before it runs out.

Easy purchase

The visitor is taken to the shopping cart, making it as easy as possible to reorder.

About Repeat Purchase

Repeat Purchase email and SMS reminders can be a valuable part of a retailer’s post-purchase email strategy, prompting customers to make repeat purchases with useful and well-timed reminders.

These reminders are designed to work with products that tend to attract repeat purchases, consumable products, which customers need a steady supply of like pet food, razor blades, and moisturizing cream.

It’s a simple concept that can be very effective. Provide value to customers by prompting them when they are likely to need to order more, and they’ll buy them from you.

This simple concept is dependent on the intelligent use of data. The aim is to present a customer with a repeat purchase reminder for the right product at just the right time.

To do this, we use various pieces of data, including:

  • The average time a customer takes to reorder a product.
  • The customer’s purchase history and repeat purchase habits.
  • Pre-set schedules for certain products, such as contact lenses.

Due to the relevance of these messages, purchase reminders have impressive performance stats when compared to other marketing emails. Industry stats show repeat purchase emails have the highest conversion rates.

Whether you choose to send Repeat Purchase reminders via SMS or email, these messages are useful to the customer and help them to avoid running out of supplies.

They help customers to spend more with you and form a valuable part of any post-purchase email strategy.

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