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Upsell & Cross-Sell

Tempt your customers to buy more

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Use upselling and cross-selling to encourage your existing customers to keep on buying.

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How it works

Upsell and cross-sell emails help you sell more to customers through timely and relevant product recommendations.

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Smart use of data

Using customer data, we send relevant Upsell & Cross-Sell recommendations based on rules such as previous purchases or products browsed.

Email, on-site or SMS

We can display Upsell & Cross-Sell messages direct to customers on-site, or follow up through email or SMS.

Dynamic content

Email content including offer details and imagery can change based on customer purchase and browse history.

About Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upselling aims to persuade customers to buy more expensive versions of the products they’re considering. This could be a laptop with higher specifications or spending a little extra to book a more comfortable hotel room.

Cross-selling is about persuading your customers to add additional products to their shopping cart on your website or to buy complementary products to those they’ve already purchased.

For example, if a customer buys a digital camera, then they might consider purchasing a complementary product like a memory card or carry case.

The key to success is to pick the right time to cross or upsell when the customer is likely to be most receptive and to ensure that recommendations are relevant to the customer.

Loyal customers who have purchased recently and frequently are likely to respond well to upselling and cross-selling offers. Their loyalty indicates an affinity with your brand and products and makes them more receptive.

Customers can be asked on-site at the point when they’re about to abandon a purchase, or via email or SMS about their reasons for leaving the site.

Customers can be targeted with post-purchase emails, or shown personalized up-sell recommendations when they visit your site.

Data is key here, and we use our understanding of relationships between products, as well as customer interests and browsing and purchase history to produce the most relevant product recommendations.

These recommendations can be shown on-site, as customers are in the consideration phase, or on repeat website visits, to tie in with products they’ve previously purchased.

Recommendations can also be sent to customers via email or SMS after purchase. SMS messages can be more urgent as people are more likely to see them quickly, while emails allow more space to show product imagery and detailed recommendations.

Timing can be set depending on the product or campaign. Messages can be triggered immediately after purchase or after a specific period of time from the transaction.

Cross-sell and upselling messages help to build up a long-term relationship with customers and give them more reasons to buy from you.

The key is to deliver value and relevance to customers with intelligent and well-timed messaging, which helps to drive repeat purchases.

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