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Frequently Asked Questions

From what to how to why, take a look at some of our most common questions.

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01 What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart abandonment occurs when a visitor adds item(s) to their online shopping cart, but exits without completing the purchase.

Whilst this definition of cart abandonment is typically reserved for online retail, there are many different types of abandonment that companies can track:

Booking Abandonment
The act of abandoning a purchase in the travel industry, a hotel, flight, car rental, etc. The typical difference with a booking abandonment is that as well as selecting a ‘product’ (e.g. type of hotel room) the consumer will also have selected the dates they are interested in.

Form Abandonment
The act of abandoning a quote, subscription, or survey. This is most often seen in the financial industry where the need to submit details to request a quote (for car insurance purposes for example) means the requirement of long forms which lead to abandonment part way through the process.

The Evolution of Cart Abandonment >

02 How does the technology work?

It’s a combination of smart tech and data algorithms.

Our JavaScript works quietly in the background of your site, tracking visitor behavior and making real-time decisions based on thousands of pieces of delicious data.

We’re not shy here at SaleCycle, so if you’d like to know more about our code then why not download our Bitesize Implementation Guide and contact us if you have any questions.

Implementation Guide >

03 How do you capture data?

We follow best practice guidelines, capturing on field change.

As your customers enter their personal data on the page (first name, email address, etc.) then we capture the information when they leave the tab they are typing in. It ensures you get full field information rather than incomplete bits of data.

What is Behavioral Marketing?

SaleCycle’s CMO Chris Sheen, talks about how Behavioral Marketing can help your business.

04 How do you send the emails?

Your choice. We can send it for you, or integrate with your ESP.

We’ve got partnerships with all of the world’s leading Email Service Providers so if you want all your emails going through your ESP, then we can plug that in for you. If you’re happy for us to send the emails for you – then we can do that too… and don’t worry, there’s no extra cost!

View Our Partners >

05 What is your Data Protection Policy?

We are custodians and fully compliant.

SaleCycle is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers and the security of any information given to us in order for us to recover abandoned shopping baskets on behalf of our clients. For more information, please read the SaleCycle Privacy Policy.

SaleCycle’s Privacy Policy >

06 Will our customers mind?

No. We have less than a 0.2% unsub rate.

… It’s our favourite, and easiest question to answer. Our clients see an unsubscribe rate either lower, or equivalent to, their traditional email marketing sends.
The relevancy and customer service approach we recommend ensures that customers respond really positively.

Cath Kidston’s Customer Service Approach >

Why People Abandon?

It’s the question we get asked the most at SaleCycle, so let’s look at the data.

What is Browse Abandonment?

How can ecommerce brands tackle frustrating browse abandonment? Read more

Who is SaleCycle?

A 60 second peak into life behind the scenes at SaleCycle. #LoveWhatYouDo

07 How much could we make?

Typically around a 6-8% uplift in sales. … but it could be even more. By combining a number of our on-site and email features, our top performing clients achieve an uplift in online sales of over 12%. Get Your Forecast >

08 How much does it cost?

We’re pretty flexible! Let’s find something that works. We have a number of different options to suit different types of businesses, from fixed price models to performance based – contact us here for a quote.

09 How long does it take to get started?

Typically 4-6 weeks from tag deployment to going live. Typically, timescales are dictated by the client (that’s you!) and how quickly you can add our tag to your website. You’ll be helped through the process by a dedicated Implementation Manager to keep it hassle free and we’ll handle all the tough stuff, including creative designs, user testing and ongoing campaign optimization.

10 Why should I use SaleCycle?

Simple. We’ll make you the most money. SaleCycle are the only enterprise level specialists in the market – developing solutions that focus on shaping and supporting the conversions that exist in every customer journeys online. This laser focus on becoming the No.1 in this market ensures that we are constantly innovating the product in a very specific direction. The world’s leading brands, Panasonic, Tommy Hilfiger and Virgin Atlantic to name but three, are willing to put their name behind us as we have kept our promises on service and consistently exceed expectations. Why SaleCycle >

SaleCycle Academy.

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See why over 98% of clients would recommend us.

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.