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Cart Abandonment Emails

Reconnect with your hottest prospects.

75% of visitors add something to their shopping cart but then leave your site. Use cart abandonment emails to remind them what they left behind.




How It Works.

87% of people who abandon their cart say they would consider returning to purchase.
Here's how it works:



A visitor to your website adds something to their cart but then leaves your site without purchasing.



SaleCycle sends a personalized SMS or email with all the details of what they've left behind in the cart.



A link will bring them back to a fully populated cart, making it easy for them to finish the purchase.

The Rocket Fuel.

Here's the stuff that makes our cart abandonment emails fly.

Dynamic content june 19 3

Dynamic Content

Deliver the most persuasive and relevant content in your emails based on who your shopper is and what they are looking at.

Countdown timers to boost conversion.

Display live pricing on email open.

Change images based on gender or location.

cycles june 19


Boost the performance of your campaign by adding an extra email or SMS cycle.

Improve campaign performance by up to 30%.

Send messages 1h, 24h, and 72h after an abandonment.

Include product recommendations or an abandonment survey in different cycles.

User Generated Content

61% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online. Show yours off and put their minds at ease.

Reassure shoppers with reviews from the leading independent providers.

Display genuine product reviews and ratings.

Show only recent and positive scores.

split test june 19

Split Testing

We don’t do guesswork. Easily and accurately discover your most effective subject lines, images and calls to action.

Impact customer behaviour for more opens, clicks and conversions.

Let your customers tell you the perfect time to send.

Test subject lines to get email open rates up to 60%.

Product Recommendations

Use the abandoned cart information to dynamically suggest similar or complementary products to your shoppers.

Personalized based on abandoned items or show other items that were browsed.

Show your most popular items first.

Increase your average order value by up to 28%.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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01 How do you send the emails?

Your choice. We can send them for you, or integrate with your ESP.

We’ve got partnerships with all of the world’s leading email service providers and marketing clouds so getting setup couldn’t be easier.

02 How long should I wait after abandonment to email?

We recommend sending the first message within 1 hour, but it’s completely up to you.

We can show you industry benchmarks or you could split-test different times and let your customers show you what works best!

03 Will our customers mind?

… It’s our favourite, and easiest question to answer. Our clients see an unsubscribe rate either lower, or equivalent to, their traditional email marketing sends.

The relevancy, and customer service approach we recommends, ensures that customers respond really positively.

Working with SaleCycle
 has not only improved our numbers, but it has improved our overall customer experience. The response to our timely and well-designed emails has been outstanding with 37% of clickers going onto complete their bookings online. They have an impeccable track record for success, and pay close attention to the details.

Khadidja Konate, Hertz

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.