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Countdown Timers

Get ’em before they’re gone.

With countdown timers you can highlight how long is left until the end of a sale or the deadline for a delivery day. You’ll provide a helpful dose of urgency to your visitors and help persuade more to get it before it’s too late.



How It Works.

Countdown timers can be triggered to show in a number of ways:


Time Based

When a visitor first lands on the page or has become inactive for a period.


Exit Intent

When a visitor takes the cursor outside the window to close the browser.


Click Trigger

When the visitor has clicked on a certain button or link within the page.

Display Options.

Here are the different ways our countdown timers are positioned:


Messages are displayed in a way that increases urgency without interrupting the visitor.

Allow the visitor to continue to interact with the site.

Stick to a location of the screen.

Integrate messages into different areas of the page.

Side Panel

Taking over one side of the screen is a sure way to get your message seen.

Trigger on idle time.

Use the full panel or more subtle inserts.

Left or right side can be used.


Grab their attention with the classic front and center overlay.

Perfect to capture attention on exit intent.

Page is still viewable underneath.

Multiple CTAs can be used in one overlay.


Make an impact with a full-screen takeover message.

Trigger when exit intent is shown.

Focus the visitors attention.

Visitor must interact with the message.

% Increase in Conversion
% Reduction in Exit Rate
% Uplift in Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question not covered here? Check out our FAQs page for more.
See our FAQs

01 Will visitors see more than one message?

This is up to you. Your campaign can be set up with rules that only allow one message to be displayed within certain time periods or online sessions.

Or you could show different types of messages at different stages to help guide the visitor through their journey online.

02 Do these work on mobiles too?

They certainly do! SaleCycle treats each device type differently and designs accordingly. Depending on the device your visitors are on, we can show different messages too.

03 Will our visitors mind?

… It’s our favourite question to answer. Its all about influencing, not interrupting the customer journey. The relevancy and customer service approach to the messages that we recommend ensure the visitors respond really positively.

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