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Product Replenishment

Never leave ’em empty handed.

It’s frustrating to run out of your favorite products. Use our product replenishment feature to ensure your customers never do.




How It Works.

Product replenishment make it easy for your customers to reorder their favorite things. Here's how it works:



It all starts with that first purchase - we track the info and schedule the follow-up.



Perfectly timed, an email or SMS arrives with the customer inviting them to reorder before it runs out.



The visitor returns to a cart containg the previously purchased product, making it as simple as possible to reorder.

The Rocket Fuel.

Here's the stuff that makes our product replenishment feature awesome.

Timed to Perfection

Deliver the follow up right on time by triggering sends based on product shelf-life after purchase.

Customized dispatch times per product.

Multiple send rules available.

Stop the send if they've already come back.

Dynamic Content

Deliver the most relevant content in your emails based on a wide range of variables.

Change header images to be specific to products.

Display live pricing when items are on sale.

Show stock levels to increase urgency.

Product Recommendations

Use the purchased items to dynamically suggest similar or complementary products to your shoppers.

Cross sell complementary products.

Increase average order value.

Personalize based on purchase history or show other items browsed.

% Conversion Rate
% Open Rate
% Click Rate
% Uplift In Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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See our FAQs

01 How soon after a purchase are the emails sent?

This is completely up to you, and will change depending on the products. Time them to trigger a week or so before the product should run out or expire, based on the date purchased.

02 Can we include cross-sell recommendations?

Of course. We can send the three most popular items that have been purchased with the product about to run out by other shoppers.

03 How many different products can we run this against?

As many as you like. We can put rules in place to only send one email if the customer purchased multiple items at once.

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