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Our use cases reveal the tactics and
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Case studies

Air Tahiti Nui

A look at how Air Tahiti Nui optimised their strategy to reduce online booking abandonment and boost conversions.

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Flight Centre

How Flight Centre identified their customer’s top destinations, used upselling tactics and personalised abandonment emails to increase their conversion rate.

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Nile Air

Nile Air’s remarketing campaign has increased online sale by over 15%, with the help of SaleCycle’s On-Site and Email Remarketing solutions to convert more of their web visitors into customers.

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SaleCycle’s latest figures show that more than 80% of visitors will leave a site without completing their booking. Find out how Scoot increased their online sales with behavioural marketing.

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Where We Optimise


Personalized and targeted emails help you to reconnect with people after they have left your site. With average open rates up to 60%, and conversion rates of 12%, email is an effective channel for driving new and repeat sales.

Email-iconOn Site

Real-time messages can offer targeted assistance to reduce online abandonment. Displayed at key points of a visitor’s purchase journey, personalised and relevant messages can encourage them to convert.

Email-iconIn Site

Embed conversion features directly into your pages. We can embed checkboxes, sliders and toggles into your pages to capture marketing consent.


90% of SMS remarketing messages are read within three minutes. SMS allows you to reach visitors on-the-go, and is a great channel for reconnecting about time-sensitive purchases. SMS is responsible for driving an average 5% increase in sales.


SaleCycle Clients

SaleCyle is trusted by over 500 ecommerce clients from around the world. We work with the biggest and most creative brands in fashion, travel, retail and many more sectors. Everyday we help brands to recover their abandoned sales and boost online conversions. We do this by interacting with online shoppers through a suite of solutions and conversion rate optimisation services. Each year we track more than 150 million online conversions and play a key role in upwards of 6 million.

Case Studies

We regularly produce client case studies to highlight the main tools and solutions used to gain maximum results. Learn how the world’s biggest brands use SaleCycle to understand their customers, increase conversion rates and grow their business.

Results & Campaigns

Over a decade SaleCycle has delivered many campaigns to a range of clients. We are specialists in shopping cart abandonment, which help retailers recover more online sales. But abandonment campaigns can include a variety of different tools like SMS remarketing and browse abandonment emails. We work with our clients to test every element of the campaign to make it successful.

SaleCycle data and insights understand when people buy online, such as best days for ecommerce sales. This allows us to create bespoke campaigns for our clients that are sure to convert at the right times.

SaleCycle Insights

For more SaleCycle insights visit our blog. It’s updated weekly to provide the most up to date and relevant ecommerce and online clothing shopping statistics and many other topics. For example, if you’ll find information on cost of returns to online retailers and strategy guides for replenishment emails plus much more.