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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q3 2018

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q3 2018


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After almost four years, this is our last quarterly Remarketing Report. In this edition, we look at abandonment rates from July, August and September 2018, and data gathered from more than one billion tracked abandonments. 
(Don’t worry, we’ll still be providing plenty of ecommerce stats and cart abandonment). 
Some highlights from this report:

  • The average global cart abandonment rate for Q3 2018 was 76.9%
  • Cart abandonment rates are highest for travel sites (81.1%) and lowest for fashion retailers (73.5%)
  • In Q1 2018, the average cart abandonment rate was 75.6%.

Cart Abandonment Trends Over Time

Looking back at the last few years’ data, the thing that stands out is that overall abandonment rates simply haven’t changed that much.
In Q1 2015, our first Remarketing Report, the overall abandonment rate was 75.6%. In the last quarter, it was 76.9%.
It’s been as high as 78.4% and as low as 74.3%, but has remained around the same range. It does fluctuate according to seasons – abandonment rates are generally lower around sales periods for example – but there’ll always be a certain level of cart abandonment.
This is because a certain amount of shoppers will always abandon carts. This may be because they’re just looking, doing some research or comparing prices with other retailers, or they may have been deterred for other reasons, technical issues for instance.

This doesn’t mean retailers can do nothing to reduce or minimize abandonment though. Some retailers have lower rates than others, simply because their sites are easier to use, they are clear on details like pricing and shipping costs, and make it easy to checkout.
It’s also about what retailers do after customers abandon carts. This doesn’t have to be the end of the story, and (as we have proved) well-timed cart recovery emails (or SMS messages) can tempt customers back to complete the purchase.


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Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is Editor in Chief at SaleCycle. He's been covering ecommerce and digital marketing for more than a decade, having previously written reports and articles for Econsultancy. ClickZ, Search Engine Watch and more.