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SaleCycle's Award-Winning SMS Remarketing

SaleCycle's Award-Winning SMS Remarketing


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UPDATE: We won! Last night our SMS Remarketing solution won the “Mobile Sales Promotion/Lead Generation/Direct Response/Strategy” award at the MOMA Awards 2016.
Head of Product, Michael Barber, shares the story behind the Marketing On Mobile Awards 2016 double nomination (and subsequent win) for SaleCycle’s SMS Remarketing solution.
The MOMAs celebrate and acknowledge, effective marketing on mobile and SaleCycle’s world’s first SMS remarketing campaign is a 2016 finalist alongside global brands such as Starbucks, Jaguar and Mondelez.

Watch Our Award-WinningSMS Remarketing In Action

So just how did we end up in such illustrious company?

Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines and one of SaleCycle’s most innovative clients, set the challenge of delivering a service that could drive more immediacy in conversions. How could they communicate quickly and efficiently with visitors who abandon a flight that was due to depart just days after the customer had initially visited their website?
Firefly was already in the process of asking for a mobile number during the quoting process. It was clear that if SaleCycle could expand its solutions to include SMS as a method of remarketing, that this immediacy could be realized.
SMS Remarketing
A partnership between SaleCycle and Dynmark, a global leader in the SMS space, had already been in the pipeline so integration only took a matter of weeks.
[one_half]Paul Putman CEO of Dynmark commented “We were really excited when SaleCycle presented this challenge to us. We are always heavily focused on helping partners achieve their product goal but helping SaleCycle deliver a world first solution was a real achievement.”[/one_half]
Once the technology partnership was in place, the SMS remarketing campaign could be implemented quickly with Firefly’s online booking process. Amazingly enough, Firefly saw its first recovered sale from only the fourth SMS message: the recipient returning to the site and buying the flight they’d left behind.
After the first 6 weeks, the results show that a very successful remarketing channel was created.
SaleCycle had sent approximately 8,000 remarketing SMS messages achieving a click-through rate of 15%. The conversion rate (from send) was an impressive 4.5% – much higher than the global conversion rate for the travel sector desktop or mobile according to Smart Insights).
“The ability to mix SMS remarketing into our existing campaigns has really increased our capacity for reconnecting with potential customers. We have already started to see recoveries and conversions from the SMS tool, and are excited to work on future developments with SaleCycle.”

Boon Chuan Teh, Airline Systems Manager at Firefly.

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