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How Vodafone increased online sales across all its teams, resulting in 2,000 additional sales per month.

Promotional codes Vodafone was struggling with phone sales. So SaleCycle launched a unique promotional code test for the cart abandonment campaign. The results were truly impressive.

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Click rate
+51 %
Conversion rate since sending
+36 %
Conversion rate per click

SaleCycle abandonment campaign Cart abandonment e-mail campaign

We launched a two-cycle cart abandonment campaign, including a consent scraper for home broadband. During the optimization phase, we focused on the open rate and click-through rate, which improved performance, and then launched a third cart abandonment e-mail to further improve performance. Following the huge success with home broadband, we rolled it out to all products on the site, taking over from the previous supplier. This included the launch of a two-cycle basket abandonment campaign for phones, SIM cards, tablets and laptops with 3 key customer teams: Acquisition (new customers), Second Line (existing customers buying another product) and Upgrade (existing customers upgrading their package). Once again, after initial success, we deployed third-line e-mails for all live campaigns to improve performance by a further 5%.


On-site remarketing campaign (OSR)


We launched on-site remarketing to help Vodafone's teams achieve their key objectives. The main aim of these campaigns was to increase on-site conversion rates by displaying attractive offers when a customer was inactive or intending to leave the site, to persuade them to complete their purchase. We launched our first display ad and they've been using them every month since then to promote the latest offers. The second on-site remarketing solution was called “Problem Solver”, with the aim of solving a key question: “What is the customer looking for during their journey? A bit like when a customer walks into a Vodafone store and is greeted by a sales assistant. The onsite “Problem Solver” message helps to understand the customer's needs and suggest the best solution. Reproduce the same experience customers receive in-store on their online platform.

Main objective

Vodafone was working with a competitor and wanted to find out how SaleCycle could improve its performance. It started with the first campaign on home broadband, with the idea that if successful, we would extend it to all products. The main objective of the campaign was to increase conversion rates of abandoned baskets on the spot for the home broadband team. They wanted to increase the number of sales for home broadband, as this was a campaign that had taken a back seat in the past, with phone and SIM taking priority. Vodafone was able to increase online sales across all its teams by running SaleCycle's cart abandonment program and on-site campaigns. SaleCycle is responsible for over 2,000 online sales resulting from cart abandonment every month alone. In 90 days, SaleCycle contributes to 2.66% of all Vodafone sales.

Background story

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Europe and Africa and Europe's largest and most dynamic 5G network. Vodafone has 323 million mobile customers in 21 markets and 48 partner markets around the world. They deliver a variety of cutting-edge technologies and digital products and services to our markets, including: smartphones, broadband, AI, cloud services and more

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