Beyond trends, beyond clicks.
Crafting experiences,
not just transactions.

We are an international team anchored in customer excellence.
We want to revolutionise the way businesses connect with their customers, pioneering innovative solutions that transcend boundaries and inspire meaningful relationships.
By charting new paths and embracing digital evolution, we envision a future where every interaction is infused with purpose and possibility.
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Nothing is more expensive than
a missed opportunity.

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We spent more than 10 years building trust

Since 2010, we've developed strong expertise in online shopping behaviors and cutting-edge activation technologies.

We conceive, implement, and deliver activation strategies for top brands to boost revenue on their online platforms.

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Our team at a glance

SaleCycle gathers about 100 employees around the world (United-Kingdom, France, Asia-Pacific..).
Discover below a part of our team members.

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Nick Rouquette
Director of Partnerships & Ecosystems
Anne-Gaëlle Picard
Regional Manager of People & Culture
Paige Hall
Regional Head of People & Culture
Matt Marchant
Regional Head of Revenue
Laetitia Randrianasolo
Regional Head of Revenue
Silvia Scandali
Regional Head of Revenue
Alexandra Ly
Regional Head of Revenue
Marc Shepherd
Regional Head of Revenue
Jonathan Prest
Chief Technology Officer
Jude Robertson
Chief Service Officer
Fabien Sanchez
Chief Executive Officer
Iain Coward
Chief Finance Officer
Adam Parker
Chief Revenue Officer

Beyond trends, beyond clicks. Crafting experiences,
not just transactions.

SaleCycle embodies e-commerce expertise, a blend of seasoned insight and cutting-edge strategy. With a proven track record, we navigate the digital landscape, seamlessly guiding brands to reach, retain, and re-engage their audience. Trust us to be your agile partner in the dynamic world of online success.

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