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On this blog we cover a range of topics relating to Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, with contributions from SaleCycle’s editorial team and a range of industry experts. We know why online shoppers buy and we track millions of conversions each day. We harness the in-depth data we collect to provide valuable insights on best days for online sales and overall high-level stats.

We have a mixture of best practice tips and advice on ecommerce and digital marketing. We also look at some of SaleCycle’s products and features such as ecommerce countdown timers and upselling and cross-sell tools. Plus a wealth of data on ecommerce stats and trends.

Key areas of focus for the blog include conversion rate optimisation, with a look at strategies for converting on-site visitors through an excellent user experience and persuasive tactics to convert browsers into buyers.

We also look at recovering abandoned sales when people leave the checkout process, how to build customer loyalty through effective post-purchase email marketing, and gathering valuable customer insights and using them to improve retention.

Below are just some of the topics within digital marketing and CRO that we cover in the SaleCycle Blog:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our bread and butter is our conversion rate optimisation expertise, and in our blog section you’ll find plenty of tips and guides to help you build a winning strategy and create engaging reports. There’s information from what is cro to analysing micro conversions and much more.

Customer Retention

SaleCycle ecommerce experts offer guides and tips around how to improve customer retention and what this means for online sales. For example, learning patterns in ecommerce return rates by category allows you to analyse your customer service strategy and improve pain points to retain more customers. We also delve into digital marketing strategies to help your business, such as highlighting the best newsletter examples.

Basket Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common bugbears for retailers and other businesses within ecommerce. It’s essential to have a solid plan to recover abandoned carts. SaleCycle can increase your conversion rate by up to 8.5% using our expertise and products, which will reduce your abandonment rate. This blog is for beginners who want to find out about what remarketing is and experts who are looking to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Industry Stats & Trends

We analyse the latest trends and statistics by industry each week to bring you the most up to date information. We present the latest fashion ecommerce retail trends as well as live blogging black friday sales and statistics. We hope you are able to use this for reporting and campaign planning.

Reports,Strategy & Tips

Being able to present and visualise data in different ways is a great way to analyse your marketing and CRO strategy. You are also able to take a step back and pinpoint where you can improve. Using tools like Google Analytics Custom Reports can provide you with the tools to improve customer journey, improve CRO and maximise your traffic value.