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[Infographic]: The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email

[Infographic]: The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email


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Brand new for 2017, Marketing Manager, Jack Ford, updates one of SaleCycle’s most insightful infographics and discovers what makes the perfect cart abandonment email.

Around 75% of shoppers leave ecommerce websites with items still in their basket. For a number of years now brands have been using cart abandonment emails to try and reconnect with those interested-but-not-convinced shoppers.

Using data from over 500 of the world’s biggest and best-loved brands, we’ve produced the following infographic to show you what makes the perfect cart abandonment email.


Want more tips for the perfect cart abandonment email?

Packed full of ideas and practical examples from brands like IKEA, Ralph Lauren and Virgin Atlantic, our new eBook: “The Cart Abandonment Email Playbook” is a must read for any marketer managing or planning a cart abandonment email campaign.

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