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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2018

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2018


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Here’s our latest cart abandonment data from the first three months of this year, with a look at the performance of cart abandonment emails
Some highlights from Q1 2018:

  • The average cart abandonment rate for Q1 2018 was 75.6%, down 1.4% from Q4 2017.
  • Cart abandonment rates are highest for travel sites (81.1%) and lowest in fashion (69.1%)
  • The average open rate for cart abandonment emails was 48% in Q1 2018 with a CTR of 6.5%.

Cart Abandonment Email Stats

Cart abandonment emails outperform the average marketing email by some distance, and this is because they’re relevant and timely.
They are relevant because, by adding items to their shopping cart, they’ve expressed an interest in the product.

There are various reasons for abandoning purchases, and not all mean that customers have given up on the purchase altogether.

Some customers are just looking, and may return once they’ve had a chance to think about it. Likewise, people who have abandoned to compare prices might be tempted to return once they’ve shopped around.

Often, a reminder of the products at the right time is enough to persuade customers to head back to checkout and complete the purchase.

This is where timing comes in. By testing send times, we’ve found that the best response rates come when emails are sent around an hour after the customer has abandoned a purchase.

Cart Abandonment Email Success Factors

Timing and relevance gives abandonment emails an edge, but there’s more to it than that.
The design and content of emails need to be excellent to persuade customers to click through and complete a purchase.


Great design on emails makes them stand out. There’s a lot goes into this, and our lead designer Luke Nokes has written some excellent tips for email design.
Choosing the right imagery, fonts to use, and ensuring that emails work across different devices are all part of a successful email.
In addition, extras like animated GIFs can help your emails to stand out and increase engagement.

Calls to Action

A strong call to action (CTA) is imperative, as it gives the interested user a quick and easy route back to the checkout.
Three golden rules for your CTAs are:

  • Place them as high up in your email as possible.
  • Make them clear and large enough to stand out
  • Repeat them throughout the email. 


Testing emails is imperative. First of all, you need to test across different email clients to ensure that they look good for everyone that opens them.
Then, various elements of emails should be tested to find the best performing blend. This includes email copy, CTAs, subject lines and more.
For example, Hunter were running a 10% off promotion online and used A/B testing to compare their regular subject line against one with the online promotion message.
By using the promotional message, email open rates improved by more than 52%.


Personalization can give your emails that extra edge, making them more relevant to the recipient.
It can be as simple as using the shopper’s name in the subject line and email copy, but also in using browse and buying history to recommend relevant products.

Email Copy

The copy should be crisp and to the point. Attention spans can be short (the average is 8 seconds) so you need to get your message across quickly.

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