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Optimise Your Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Optimise Your Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns


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Mother’s Day marketing campaigns are a great opportunity to generate new sales while also tapping into your customer retention strategy

For some ecommerce retailers Mother’s Day is one of the busiest months online so it’s important to maximise online traffic and take advantage of heightened buying pressure by optimising your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns. 

According to research by UK Mother’s Day 2020 the breakout of COVID-19 saw the forecasted trends decline. For example, in 2020, 25.4% of consumers spent less on Mother’s Day due to uncertainties and being isolated from their mothers.

However, when we look at the pre-COVID figures in 2019, which provides a more accurate picture of the state of the holiday. We see that Mother’s Day gift-buying hit new record highs reaching 25 billion in online sales. 

We also see from SaleCycle client data that online sales volumes were on a downward trend from January 2020 and then bounced back up for March and then continued to decline until the summer. This reflects the increased customer activity in March, which we can attribute to the Mother’s Day effect. 

Although not as valuable as Black Friday sales, it’s important to prepare your marketing campaigns and plan for your busy periods. This can be done by introducing solutions to aid your conversion rate optimisation efforts.

Conversion Rate Solutions To Include In Your Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

When there’s more digital-footfall, it brings higher volumes of basket abandonment. It’s a natural trend for customers to abandon their items, but the key is to lure the customers back to their baskets using a range of tools, which can help to recover online sales.  With increased traffic sites will often experience more browse abandonments, for example 43.8% of users will browse a product page and 14.5% of sessions will add an item to their cart. A key strategy to tempt customers back is using browse abandonment emails, which have over 50% higher CTR than traditional emails.

Below we explore how to increase your conversion rates on Mother’s Day and maximise the ROI on your marketing campaigns: 

Abandonment Email 

SaleCycle 2020 client data found the overall abandonment rate was 82.16%. When we drilldown into abandonments by category we see the following:

  • Fashion – 88.57%
  • Jewellery 83.73%
  • Cosmetics – 75.35%
  • Entertainment – 82.60% 

While, on average 82.16% of customers will abandon their basket this creates a huge opportunity to encourage them to return. Basket abandonment emails remind your users what they have left behind. These emails can include promo codes offering 10% off if the customer completes their purchase within a specific timeframe or countdown timers highlighting when the Mother’s Day sale ends. These are just a few of the tools you can use to optimise your emails.

You can also optimise your abandonment emails using multi-cycle sends, which are A/B tested for the perfect time slot. According to SaleCycle data, in 2020 online sales spiked at 10:00 and also at 20:00, this is an online average but can be used as a signal for your abandonment strategy.    

Abandonment SMS

Send basket abandonment SMS to engage with your customers at lightning speed and remind them what they have left behind. Smartphones account for more than 50% of all web traffic, the majority of browsing happens on mobile and online sales are catching up with the demand. 

Mobile add-to-cart rates have increased 10.64% in the UK in 2020 in the last 12 months, which presents a prime opportunity to use abandonment SMS. The SMS open rate is 98% with a CTR of 36% compared to 3.2% via email.  

Progress Bar  

Introducing progress bars to your website can increase your conversion rate and average order value. They work by showing the customer how much more they need to spend to unlock extra benefits like free delivery. 9 out of 10 customers say free delivery is the most important online shopping factor, according to Invesp. 

Progress bars can be shown as a trigger when a user shows exit intent or used as an on-site display tool. You can also integrate progress bars in your abandonment emails to entice customers to return to complete their purchase. 

Upsell & Cross-Sell 

Gift-buying holidays like Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to upsell & cross-sell. During the checkout journey you should offer complementary products and token gifts with low AOV. These can include flowers or chocolates, however, at SaleCycle we use customer data to upsell relevant recommendations based on products already browsed. If you don’t have the data it’s a good idea to use the ‘people who bought this also bought’ pairings as your benchmark. 


Mother’s Day is a large social media and engagement opportunity for brands to connect with their customers. Genuine emotions take place so be active on social media and show your audience that the brand understands Mother’s Day what it’s all about. 

Preparing your abandonment strategy to back up your marketing campaigns will play a key role in the week before Mother’s Day. As traffic and interest begins to build the add-to-cart rate will increase and the abandonment rate will also increase. Be ready to capture your customers and entice them back to their baskets. 

We have seen in the build up to Valentine’s Day and Black Friday that the increased online traffic is a great opportunity to increase your online sales.  

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