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The desire to connect applications, automate processes and synchronise data, is seemingly never ending. A market study in 2021 found that 89% of organisations had a data integration backlog.

SaleCycle understands that it’s no longer enough to simply provide a portfolio of performance marketing products. Easy integration with other services is now a key requirement for marketing and eCommerce decision makers.

Applications, services and platforms can no longer exist in isolation and SaleCycle has enhanced capabilities to make the data it processes on behalf of clients available through a suite of data integrations.

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About Data Portability

What is Data Portability?

The data that SaleCycle collects, processes and generates on behalf of its clients is highly valuable. We want to share that data value with our clients in the most efficient way possible and in a way that supports the ongoing use of that data through tight integration.

Data portability is becoming more important as an increasing number of organisations utilise distributed cloud platform providers like SaleCycle and store greater quantities of data in the cloud.

It’s vital that this data can be made available in other related and connected data stores for ongoing use and analysis with little or no manual intervention. SaleCycle’s integration capabilities make it possible to realise the value of data in your system of choice.

Data Portability is enabled by SaleCycle’s advanced data integration capabilities powered by a connector based integration architecture. This is an integration platform for enabling seamless and unattended integration between SaleCyle’s products and your system(s) of choice. Benefit from the value of the data that SaleCycle can provide and leverage that value in your own digital marketing, eCommerce and CRM platforms.

There are hundreds of systems already established with connections, but SaleCycle can also work with you to find a solution for your specific needs.

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