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Around 48% of website visitors will view product pages but just 3% will add items to shopping carts. Relevant product recommendations remind them why they browsed.

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How it works

Shoppers viewing product pages are expressing a possible intent to buy. Timely reminders can persuade them to make a purchase.

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After visitors view products on your site, we send them a reminder of the products they browsed, as well as related items.

Intelligent use of data

Product recommendations are personalised, and emails are segmented to show different content and images to each recipient.

Optimised Emails

We test all elements of emails, including images, subject lines and send times to find the best performing version.

About Browse Reminders

Shoppers who browse a website, looking at different products are showing a clear interest in your products.

Our own fashion ecommerce retail trends and statistics show that, for retail, an average of 43.8% of site visits, shoppers will view a product page, 14.5% will add items to shopping baskets, and 3.3% will make a purchase.

So most people who view product pages don’t add items to shopping baskets. However, simply by viewing products, shoppers are showing a possible intent to purchase, and this is where Browse Reminders can help.

Browse Reminders use technology that tracks the visitor’s browsing behaviour and learns from the products they view. Used alongside other data on the shopper’s preferences, browsing history, and the retailer’s most popular products, we send an automated email that includes custom content based on the products they viewed.

How To Use Browse Reminders

It’s all about keeping these ‘window shoppers’ interested in your products, with the aim of tempting them back to your website. Engaging with a visitor at this stage allows a relationship to be established sooner.

Browse Reminder emails can show the specific products that shoppers have been looking at, as well as relevant cross-selling and upselling options.

The success of Browse Reminders depends on delivering relevance to shoppers, and this is achieved through the intelligent use of data. Segmentation is used to send emails that suggest products based purely on a visitor’s browsing history, gender, the value of items viewed, and new vs existing customers.

These relevant product recommendations broaden the choice for shoppers, while the addition of social proof in the form of customer reviews and live trends makes emails even more persuasive.

Our stats show how well Browse Reminders work. They have an 80.9% higher open rate and 50.5% higher click-through rate than traditional emails, while 26% of all shoppers that open these emails will click through and return to the site.

We ensure that emails are as effective as they can be by testing and optimising every aspect, from product choice, to content, design and send times.

Browse reminder emails should be used throughout your CRO and abandonment strategy and especially through high traffic cycles. For example, during holidays like Black Friday sales and Valentine’s Day the amount of users on your site will be much greater, therefore using the extra data obtained allows you to maximise online sales by engaging with a greater volume of customers.

How Can Browse Reminders Increase Your Conversion Rate

When looking to recover abandoned sales through a basket abandonment strategy, browse reminders can fit right into that list for conversion rate optimisation tools you can implement from the solutions SaleCycle has to offer.

Basket abandonment occurs when the customer adds a product to their online basket and then leaves the website without completing the purchase. However, there are a few different CRO and marketing techniques you can use to entice the user to complete their purchase in the near future.

Browse abandonment is another form of abandonment, it’s important to know that according to SaleCycle data, an average of 43.8% of site sessions will contain a product page and 14.5% will add an item to their basket. The 43.8% of shoppers who do not add a product to their basket are still showing buying intent.

Our browse reminders use technology that tracks the user and their browsing behaviour. You can then trigger an automated basket abandonment email, in a selected time period that includes the custom messaging and items they have been browsing. The aim is to keep the customers engaged and improve your customer retention.

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