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Timing Based Segmentation

Send communications exactly when you want

SaleCycle’s internal data finds Monday is the best day of the week to convert users from emails.

Timing Based Segmentation allows Basket Abandonment campaigns to set up rules and filters targeting specific site visitors. Capitalise on on-site or promotional activity, and send messages at the time you want.

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Time Based Segmentation

How it works

Perfect for clients who want to send out follow up messages to their visitors on a specific date.

Time Based Segmentation 2


Send additional messages on a date of your choosing.


Capitalise by engaging at times that suit your business.


Highlight key events like sales to drive conversions and engagement.

About Timing Based Segmentation

Timing Based Segmentation allows campaigns to set up rules and filters targeting specific site visitors and send additional message(s) on a specific date after an event to capitalise on on-site or promotional activity.

These campaigns can run in parallel with existing Basket Abandonment campaigns, giving an additional level of flexibility and revenue opportunity. Perfect for when you are looking to send a follow up message to visitors on a specific date.

Available for any sector and industry, this may resonate with retail clients looking to follow up during sales campaigns. The message scheduling capability in our new delayed send campaigns allows users to define when you’d like to send the message to your visitors.

This allows you to define a specific send date and time, rather than something that is relative to the visitor action on your site. This solution allows campaigns to be set up to drive engagement and conversions to remind your visitors about key events scheduled on your site like sales and seasonal events.

Our messages can be targeted to specific visitors between any given dates and scheduled to be sent on a date set by you.

Maximise your impact with Timing Based Segmentation